Saturday, October 5, 2013

League vs. Starcraft

Gauss & Safiree
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 Hello everyone, happy Saturday! This week... I want, I HAVE... to talk about League of Legends. Gauss and I tried it way back in the day, didn't care for it much. We decided it was because of us playing so much Starcraft, micro managing tons of units all the time then going to one just wasn't much of a challenge. I recently went back though and i've definitely seen quite a bit more to it then just microing, but rather it being a decent team play effort...obviously.

 Honestly, i'm terrible at league because I don't have patience. At least with Starcraft I can choose to do early aggression as I see fit and feel comfortable with it. In league however I have to worry about turrets, minions and opposing players. Not feeding them. I get overly confident due to lack of patience and I attack and I lose 7/10 times. It makes the game very unfulfilling for me. I feel like that is more of an obstacle rather then the learning of the actual champions themselves.

 Now for some people, they will argue with me that Starcraft and League are not the same thing. Same sort of game play and I know that. I'm simply comparing the different aspects to figure out why I prefer Starcraft to League. League is fun... but only for so long. And really for me it's only because i'm competitive and love showcasing my progression in games. Plus League will never be as special to me, because Gauss taught me Starcraft, my first RTS and that in itself is very special to me.

 The PVP grind in RIFT is going well, when I actually log on to play. Kind of getting where Gauss is at and getting burnt out on the whole MMO deal. But I keep an open mind and stay optimistic. Joined a new guild, and they are great people. Which as you know I feel is really important in MMO's. Surrounding yourself with good people. This upcoming week Gauss will be off playing Beyond Two Souls I believe. So I will finally buckle down and plow through the Assassins Creed games I have built up lol.

Thanks for all the support, any questions feel free to always reach out.

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  1. League is fun, but really slow paced. Also I just don't find the skill required to play league even close to Starcraft. This is just because Starcraft requires much more timing and practice because of simple math. More things possible means more things to deal with and understand. I am not even close to the best player around so I do enjoy watching professionals play. With that in mind Starcraft is much more entertaining to watch again because there is just more going on. That and maybe I just enjoy the casting personalities that much better.

    I think Destiny said it best the best gamers in the world are professional Starcraft players those of us who used to play Starcraft professional realized we weren't making enough money to get by so we started playing League.