Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Beyond Expierence

So it has just been a couple days and I have yet to complete the game but I will say Beyond: Two Souls is an experience. The Story so far has been amazing and engaging. While I thought it might be confusing how the story jumps all over points of Jodie's life it has actually done it in such a way that it makes the story run smoother. You feel as if you are the one remembering events of her life as is intended.

You see when someone explains their life to you they don't always go in order they explain to you why things happened based upon what lead to what then move on to the next things, which of course would have moments throughout their entire life which would connect to it. This is how Beyond"Two Souls works and I am actually glad this decision was made.

Now the game itself is not difficult at all, but if you played Heavy Rain you will completely understand why. The story and game itself is built to be an experience not about dying and trying again. The story progresses no matter what you choose or choose not to do. It is ever flowing.

I have yet to not enjoy anything with it. I do always think there is going to be an epic Green Goblin moment at anytime, but that just is just what I think whenever I see Willem Dafoe in anything he happens to be in.

If you have a chance pick it up. It won't be the best game you ever play but it will be one you will remember and talk about with all your gamer friends. If you are unable watch a playthrough just to be part of the experience may just be one of the better games to ever watch a playthrough of.


  1. I like it so far. Like you said though game isn't hard it's about the story

  2. Great story thus far really feels like you are in the middle of a Movie