Friday, July 12, 2013

And Then Their Was You

So last week I shared an email I received from someone who reminded me of an angry seal screaming as loud as it possibly could. When I read the email it didn't offend me. I am used to getting hate mail. Truthfully they tend to be the most interesting pieces of mail I get. I often wonder if they have veins popping out of their heads or maybe they are screaming about gibberish about meatloaf. Who knows, but that is part of the fun in reading them. I didn't share it though and I did get quite a few emails telling me not to worry about it and such and such. I did get one that will see.


I just want to say you are awesome. I make sure I read your blog everyday and I find it hard to imagine people can take some of the things you say so serious. When you were gone I started to read a few other blogs and they really weren't the same. I think you would actually be inspired how many people try to write like you do. You know writing funny, informative, or sometimes even meaningless posts, and getting tons of views(I mean this with the utmost respect). The fact is with others it seems forced with you it comes naturally like you are having a conversation with me every time I read a post. I may not agree with everything you may say, but I respect your opinion, because you know about these things. You have played games at a top level, you have played for shits and giggles and you just play because it is fun. 

So don't worry, which I know you don't about what some people write. The fact that you posted it does make me sad because I know you would never post a nice letter or email you would get. Hell I doubt even if I asked you would even post this. Really though I just wanted to write you and tell you to keep doing what you are doing, because it really is something I look forward to reading everyday.

Thanks for reading,


Also I have been meaning to show you...

Well of course if you feel I won't do something I am going to do it. Even if you link me that stupid mount. Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't forgot to check out Safiree's post tomorrow!


  1. omg! you posted it that is amazing thank you so much. Sorry about the turtle...

  2. good to see you don't take anything to heart lol