Saturday, July 20, 2013

How do I look?

Gauss & Safiree
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  Happy Saturday everyone! Other than leveling, farming, and PVPing my face off, things haven't been too eventful lately. So i'm going to talk about things other bloggers, and commentators and gamers never talk about. VANITY! :D Been to the barber lately? Buy that new transmog you have farmed and farmed and never have been able to get? Well, in rift there are soooo many custom options for your character. I try to make my female Kelari Rogue as ugly as possible. With in game barbers you can change everything from your height, skin color, make up, face marks, and hair of course. If you even wanted to you could change your race, and faction. 

  I also learned you can literally take any piece of gear in the game and copy the wardrobe design and keep it forever. So what I came up with being a rogue and all wasn't so awesome, but..different. I guess I wanted to be a pally too lol. They have tons of costumes pre made you can buy. Other crafting mats you can add to make yourself "unique" but overall the worst I've seen someone wear, is a wedding dress. Veil and all. Creepy seeing someone trying to kill you wearing such an outfit. 

  Some other people look really awesome. They have different dyes you can use for your gear. The options are infinite when you come up with how awesome you decide to look. You can even hide all of your gear and wear your birthday suit even! Although we can still see you swing your staff you are taken less seriously :) HEHE.

  I stopped playing World of Warcraft shortly after transmogs became a thing, but before those, collecting awesome pieces from older raids, dungeons, and quests were priceless. Like my witch's hat, or the ruby slippers that dropped in Karazhan, and everyone at one point or another owned a shovel. Remember those elixirs that turned you into skellies? BEST ITEM IN GAME by far when it comes to costumes. Noggenfogger elixirs in Tanaris. They will change your life. 

  Now everyone who knows me, knows i'm far from being about "feminism". But if I did have one complaint with games, it is why do female characters always need to look provocative in some way or another? When I look for the pieces of costume, or gear I want to look cool with it but it is usually always skimpy gear when I equip it? I wish I didn't have to make a male character just to see my sick set of gear. This especially in Diablo 3, female characters the higher the level, and amount of gear the less clothing it looks like they have on. They should add abs for males as an enchant or something for us ladies to look at. All im saying :D

  Sometimes I wish I could do a boss fight and just strip them of all their gear when they die. If I had to choose a specific boss it would be Lich King of course. Which would you choose? Have there been any amazing changes with your characters appearance lately? Email screenshots and Gauss and I will pick one to be next weeks picture of topic!! As always thanks for reading, and giving supporting feedback. Love yo faces!

^In the beginning stages of leveling, we always look bad... lol 


  1. What is Gauss doing in that screenshot? I feel like he should be yelling "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!" Screenshots look good though. What are the specs of your computer I feel as if yours owns mine and that makes me sad.

    1. That is beyond true. Brings back For The Horde memories

  2. If I could look like Noz I would be happy. Best looking NPC there is

  3. Hamuul just makes druids look amazing. Great post again keep it up! :)