Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You Fail At Assassin's Creed If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that day once again. How can you not love fail day? It is that day that we all feel that much better about ourselves, or that much worse if you are one of those special people... This week since I an still kind of disgusted by that question that was sent to me decided to take this week's Fail Day post to the Assassin's Creed side. So here goes.

You Fail At Assassin's Creed If...
  • You have no idea was don't often wonder if this could be real
  • You don't often look at rooftops when you are walking in a city or a town
  • You haven't learned at least a little bit of Italian
  • You are clueless to who Altair Lbn-La'Ahad is
  • You do not have a soft spot for a crossbow
  • You never contemplate climbing random things
  • You have a new found respect for hunters
  • When you hear the word templar you cringe with what could happen next
  • You don't feel when Christina died was one of the saddness moments in any game ever
  • You don't often wonder how it is that easy to pick pocket
  • You know sitting on a bench is the best way to escape people chasing you
  • You learned it is quite simple to pay a herald off and then pickpocket him to save your reputation
  • You don't know "Nothing is true, everything is permitted"
  • You don't know enough history to pass an entrance test about the crusades, Italy Renaissance, and the American Revolution

and finally
  • You do not know what this is called

There you have it this week's edition of fail hope you all enjoyed it.


  1. I know everyone loves ezio but I just feel Altair is just better if only just on skill alone

  2. Leap of Faith! One ofthe most awesome things in games that makes no sense!