Monday, July 15, 2013

The Life Of Ezio - Black Clouds

Monday morning! Yes it is that time again, which I probably don't need to remind you. Also probably don't need to remind you that today is Machinima Monday. The day of the week where I post a machinima or an animation which I think all of you would enjoy. Now I don't normally post music type videos, but when I was putting Ask Gauss together I had a question asking if Ezio was a forced character. Now I tend to think Ezio is one of the best characters gaming has ever seen. He is up there with the best, and I don't really see how anyone can argue his character's epicness. So I decided to share a gem video one that I believe should have thousands of more views so maybe I can do my part in helping Ben Day  is achieving this. I give you The Life of Ezio - Black Clouds

Told you it was worth your time. Now your Monday is off to a great start!

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