Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kill. Die. Rez. Otherwise known as PVP!!

Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays

      Player VS. Player. In any game is a one of a kind experience. Pretty sure for gamers ganking someone for the first time releases a deadly neurotoxin in ones bloodstream and brands you for life. My first experience like most others took place in World of Warcraft. I started out on my own, failing terribly but didn't care. (insert joke about me still being terrible) Out of all of the battlegrounds the one I felt most effective in was Warsong Gulch.

    Over time I started stacking resilience, and then became awesome. Most female gamers play healers, and most stay away from the epic fighting but for some reason I felt more comfortable beating the Alliance to a bloody pulp. Back before pallies didn't have holy power I felt like I earned a lot of the damage was done with my rotation, and I earned every honor kill with practicing different RET PVP specs. Other times I just felt like some fights were unfair. Then Gauss and I started Arena. Completely different gameplay. 

    Actually had to use my abilities at the right moment and have almost perfect judgement on their use. We sucked very bad starting but overtime we got much better. Except against shadow priests lol. PVP in RIFT is very similar to World of Warcrafts. Battlegrounds are tons of fun UNLESS YOU ARE ON A TEAM IN AN "ARATHI BASIN" TYPE OF PLAY WHERE NOBODY COORDINATES WITH EACH OTHER ON CLAIMING AND DEFENDING! It's a little frustrating. Or when you're fighting to the death with someone and it's one on one and a friend of theirs joins the fight and tag team you. (Unless you embarrass them both and win, then it's glorious.) 

    Healers. They are always plentiful on the opposing side. Non-existent on yours. Makes me :) ... -_- RIFT has "the mercenary system" where your battleground ques are almost instant but you will almost always be on the same team as the opposing faction. Which is fine...if you're one of those people who don't mind. Playing Horde in WoW though made me extremely loyal as a faction member. So being a defiant in RIFT, gaming along side a guardian ticks me off probably more than it should. What can you do though. If you are interested in knowing more about Rift, the MMO went free to play and it isn't as bad as WoWs tradechat says it is ;) We play on "necropolis" as defiants if you guys want to play with us PM Safiree, or Gaussification for guild info. We are still leveling so now would be a great time to see if you like it too! Graphics are amazing, as well as the lore. Hope to see you soon! Have a good weekend!! :D


  1. Well you could always roll a healer then you can't complain about them

  2. I find myself looking forward to your posts. You must be an awesome person to game with in general.