Friday, July 19, 2013

Reader Posts

So Friday used to always be the Reader Post before I took my break, I would give a topic and readers would send in thoughts on what they though on the particular topic throughout the week. Sometimes it was votes to form a list other times it was just stories they had about a particular topic. If you are interested in many of them look up the Reader Post tag there are plenty of good ones.

On that note the last two weeks I have put up emails I have received one of them was one trying to make me feel bad, the other was telling me to keep doing what I was doing. Without even realizing this it was a Reader Post without being a Reader Post. So when I got this email this past week it seemed to click.


I just want to say first how great it is to have you back. I now have great things to laugh about and new ways to laugh at my friends because of Fail Day. Also Safiree Saturday's are a great addition. Different, but it is good to see what it is like to game with you for those of us who don't, and I have always been curious what it is like to be a girl gamer. So I am looking forward to some insight into that.

With all that in mind though. Where in the hell are the Reader Posts? You said when you did your return post that they would be returning. They always made me laugh at others misfortunes or really how stupid other gamers can be. I have seen you post 2 emails the last 2 Friday's is this on purpose? Is this what the Reader Post going to be? Now I like the idea that someone could be responsible for an entire post for the week if that is what you are going for, but are you going to give us topics? Or is it just going to be an email  you see fit to share? Was this explained and I just didn't read the post. If so would you mind directing me to it as I am not trying to waste your time. 

Anyway it is great to have you back and look forward to hear what you got going on.

Best Regards,

So this wasn't on purpose, but I love this idea. Send me an email or a post on something you think is interesting that others will enjoy. This could be a story something you experienced or even a good old fashion rant. I will look through them and you will have the pleasure of being the post for the week. Sounds good no?

Enjoy your weekend, and don't forget to check out what Safiree has to say tomorrow.

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  1. I love this idea! Now if only I could write