Friday, July 5, 2013

Well That Was Aggresive

So I haven't been back blogging for long, but for the most part I have been well received from everyone. I have been getting comments and emails saying how people love starting their day with a post of mine. How I can make them laugh, inform them, or make them scratch there heads. Sometimes though I get emails that some may take offence to. Myself on the other hand, well I enjoy when I can completely enrage people. So for your own enjoyment I give you this wonderful email.

I will start this off by saying I was recommended your blog by a friend of mine. They normally have pretty good taste, but I am at a loss for words at what to say about your blog. You seem to find joy in putting down others and play it down like it is a joke. Do you realize that that some people try their hardest and cannot do things? DO you realize you are finding joy in hurting these people's feelings. This is what is known as narcissistic behavior, and it is all a joke to you.

Also the opinons you do have have no basis. Do you play these games at all, because I highly doubt it. Why should anyone in their right mind listen to anything you have to say? You are just some punk who gets off by putting people down so you can feel you are better than everyone else. The saddest part is this is all a joke to you. You are what is wrong with society, and I am actually physically ill knowing one of my good friends enjoys reading this joke of a blog.

Well that was aggressive....

What did I think about after I read this. Well this came to mind.

Have a good weekend. Also don't forget to check out Safiree's post tomorrow I know it will be a great one.


  1. LMAO that picture is perfect for this. I know you don't worry about these things but some people just need to realize things are actually a joke and shouldn't be taken offense to it. It is because of people like this guy we call a christmas tree a holiday tree

  2. Wow... some people really

  3. Don't worry about it Gauss some people are assholes