Thursday, July 11, 2013

Japan Expo Trailer

So this week at the Japan expo Square Enix released this

This game cannot come soon enough. I cannot believe I have to wait till February to get my hands on it. Especially seeing this. Noel fighting Lightning and Fang has returned? Like Fang? First off finding out what seems to be Snow as the main big baddie was a shock in itself. Seems they are bringing out all the stops. Even Hope is back to his young self and not his older I am smarter and better than everyone phase. What can I say I am excited. Don't know the last time I have been this excited for a Final Fantasy game. How about all of you?


  1. I saw noel and lightning fight in another trailer. I am suprised they went back to younger hope though as his character was much more popular when he was older than the cry baby child