Saturday, July 27, 2013

NEVER GO FULL....too late.

Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays

 Happy Birthday again to Gauss :) Hope everyone's week was great! I finally hit level 60 in Rift. So far yes I do feel more badass. Yes I still get owned by *************** stunlock rogues, and mages!!!! Had quite a lot of screenshots we've received since last Saturday, and it was funny and awesome at the same time. I couldn't decide between these two players SO I did faction vs. faction. They are both beyond amazing. 

 There were a few more that were great reminders of places. Like Scarlet Monistary!! A player took the time to farm every piece. It looked amazing. And a female panda with The Twinblades of Azzinoth. It was adorable and badass at the same time. Oldschool rogue looks was awesome. I was a ret/prot pally for years so i'm a sucker for cool looking palies :). Casters mean looking like the usual, but these were very creative ones. Newer gear I haven't seen yet. But awesome! There was even a "grasshopper" someone in all green. Gave us some entertainment so we thank you Mr. Green :)

 So this week, I wanted to talk about some of the things we do as gamers we pray nobody has witnessed. The ultimate moment of failure. Mine are daily honestly. Gauss could talk forever making fun of my derped moments. Yesterday by far was legit the most embarrassing i've had in a while. So before I tell you let me just tell you... I play a very specific way. Yes I keyboard turn (BUT NEVER ONCE DIED TO SINDRAGOSA'S BLISTERING COLD THANK YOU!) even tanked Putricide many times. I tab target all the time. Farming in WoW did that to me. I'm trying to break the habits... but yeah. I'm a mass clicker. I use no keybindings but have amazing APM in Starcraft. 

 Breaking all these habits would make me a better gamer yes, but hey i'm the way I am. Anyways we were in a dungeon (Archives of Flesh) and in the beginning killing adds, I tab targeted and charged a statue. A nice non confrontational statue. I laughed so hard and didn't tell Gauss for like 2 minutes. Yeah... I went full derp mode. Luckily nobody saw it :D 

 There was another hilarious time when we were playing Diablo 3. Made some hardcore characters. I made a male wizard (because they look like Joseph-Gordon Levitt) and I made it to I think level 27 when we were passing through some walls of fire. LOL.. I was like don't worry Gauss, it's only normal mode the fire can't hurt us! Sooo I walked through it and my mouse battery died RIGHT ON TOP OF IT. Died almost instantly. He still will not let me live that down. Funny my first hardcore character I made a witchdoctor. If you know the game, in act 2 there are sand twisters out there. Yeah.. I was harmlessly walking along and BAM! Game spawned a sand twister on my face. Killed me instantly.

  So, don't feel bad when you mess up. Some people blame the game glitching out, or bad healers, or even lag for their mistakes when they know it wasn't at all those things but hey. It's embarrassing. I know I will get a lot of trolling from all these confessions but I know i'm not the only gamer out there with moments like these. I'm interested to know what yours are. If you'd like send an email or even comment your story. We'd love to hear about your derp mode adventures.

Also!! Off topic. Anyone else been watching Dexter?! OMG!! I'm also very sad I have to wait until November 23rd for Doctor Who to come back. Thanks for all feedback everyone. Hope all is well and your weekends are great ones.