Thursday, July 18, 2013

Losing Faith In Collector's Edition

So I have been losing faith in collector's editions as of late. They have became this way for companies to make money off of minimal extra stuff a lot of the time it is just crap thrown into a box. Now that is not to say some recent collector's edition haven't been great. The Last of Us was pretty amazing as Naughty Dog edition's are. As was Heart of the Swarm, which I sadly only got the digital deluxe because of the Diablo III what they hell you buying all of them when I want one and I am right behind you bro issue.

Other than those there haven't been ones which have have made me go yes and I getting that no matter what. There are some that I will think about and decide to get eventually. They did release details of one I will be getting and which may have restored some faith I have been losing. And since this week has had a lot of Assassin's Creed in it I thought it was worth showing.

Awesome right? Now that is a pretty awesome flag and I will have to find a use for. Artbooks are always a plus if the are is good and you should know by now I am a fan of AC art. So what is there not to like. SO maybe just maybe this may be the turn around of collector's editions for me.

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  1. AC collector's have always been pretty good. I enjoy the belt buckle I got from AC3