Thursday, July 25, 2013

FibreOP Gaming League

So it isn't too often when I promote something. Well frankly it hardly ever happens, but when I do it is something which I really like or something I believe in. The FibreOP Gaming League is one of those things. Gaming for charity is on a new level of awesome in my books. I have made sure to support this even during every cup anyway which I possibly can because the charities they choose to support are ones which are always close to home. Check out their website to see what is going on FibreOP Gaming League

Also remember it is Free to enter for any Canadian Resident. I have taken part in the Starcraft portion twice and really had a great time doing so. The games are always exciting to watch abd when LAGTV is involved you know it will be something special. Hell even take a look at their promotional video for it

So if you are able and willing sign up and if you can't then watch the live stream to support anyway you can. Playing and watching games is fun but doing so while also making a difference is something special. So come on get up and do something.

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  1. I will be sure to watch. Is Lagtv casting everything?