Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone! I know most of you who read this blog are not Canadian in fact according to my stats only about 15% of you are. When you think about that though population wise that is actually quite a lot. Canada is a pretty small country when you talk about population. My are one of a kind though. When we are proud about something there is no shame about how proud we are of it. We take things to heart and we always remember. So if you know a Canadian wish them a Happy Canada Day they will appreciate it and will never forget you did so.

Now I know it is Monday and most of you came here for Machinima Monday. I also thought about just throwing a machinima in at the end and say here. Being as it is Canada Day though this video always rings true.


  1. Happy Canada Day Gauss

  2. Love that commercial. Happy Canada Day!

  3. Happy Canada Day from the UK