Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cloud's Return?

No sadly it is not a remake of Final Fantasy 7. Now this is a preorder special by Square Enix. Official release as follows

When you preorder LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, you will receive the exclusive Cloud Strife SOLDIER 1st Class DLC straight from FINAL FANTASY VII for FREE! This epic throwback pack includes the iconic SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform, Buster Sword, Soldier Band and finishing animation.

Getting excited yet? We’ve put together a short gameplay trailer that shows off the DLC set and how it helps Lightning get to level 99 quicker. Did you catch that last bit? The victory fanfare comes with the Cloud Strife SOLDIER 1st Class DLC pack as well when preordering LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII!

So what do you think?

I think this is a pretty amazing preorder bonus. It is a game that has defined gaming for many years and giving some of the old time fans this Easter Egg is pretty sweet if you ask me. Now I know there has been posts after posts of people complaining that the history of this sword represents so much more than just a sword. Anyone who knows anything about the sword knows the promise it represents. I one of biggest Final Fantasy fans you will find do not see this as a spiting in the face of Cloud and Zack as some see it. That is stretching. Take this for what it is. A gesture to all Final Fantasy fans that should be appreciated.


  1. Cloud anything is awesome. Some people should just learn that no one is trying to offend anyone. Can it not be just something nice is being done?

  2. It is nice and everything, but it just doesn't feel right

  3. As long as they don't do another DLC with Sephiroth sword and clothing I am completely ok with this.

  4. Sword looks awesome. Who cares who is holding it!