Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not So Main

When deciding what I was going to right about today I had quite a few things I was thinking about. I was thinking how Nolan North's voice acting is often taken for granted and the latest example being his work as David in The Last of Us. This then got me thinking of those characters in games we take for granted of how amazing they are because they are not the hero or heroine or the "main" character. So this post is my top non main characters.

5. Victor Sullivan(Sully)

He found Nathan at a young age and raised him as if he was his own. He may not be the greatest role model, but he always has words of wisdom or answers or questions you don't want to hear. Most of all he is their for Nathan whenever he is needed no matter what it entails.

"Here's the thing kid. We don't get to choose how we start in life. Real "greatness" is what you do with the hand you are dealt."

4. Luigi

The often forgotten brother who no matter how many times Princess Peach gets captured is always there to help. Sure he has had some of his own games over the years, but that is only because so many screamed for this forgotten brother to get some of his own attention.

"What? Stay home and take care of the house? Man, that's not exciting at all!"

3. Balthier

Sky Pirate always looked down upon, but it is he who saved everyone in the end. There really wasn't a true main character in FFXII, but if you had to choose I don't think anyone would say Balthier. He had the wit and the charisma that he was a guy you just wanted to cheer for. Besides he was a cool pirate before Jack Sparrow was.

"Princess! No need to worry. I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man. He never dies."

2. Leonardo da Vinci

The one who was always there when Ezio needed him. To craft whatever was needed at the time, and at other times ideas that seem so far fetched that they worked. Even when forced to worked for the opposing side he never wavered in his loyalty to Ezio. Truly a man of principle.

"Ezio! I think I've figured out how to make a man fly!"

1. Vivi Ornitier

This was never really even a competition. Vivi is by far the best non main Character in any game without a doubt in my mind. He is the one everyone wants to cheer for. He is struggling with the idea he could be dead tomorrow. He knows nothing about himself or where he came from a scary parallel to Zidane when you think about it. He turns out to one of the wiser characters without even knowing much himself. He was voted #3 in all time Final Fantasy characters only behind Cloud and Sephiroth. His face has turned into a symbol around the globe one that is recognizable by gamer and non gamers alike. He truly is on a completely different level

 "Mr 288 told me that I understand what it means to live and to die... But it's only because I thought stopping was different from dying... I don't think I really understand what it means to live or to die. Where do we come from...? Do we go back there when we die...? If that's what it means to live... I wonder where I came from... Where will I end up when I die...? Why am I shaking? What is it I'm feeling...?"

There you have it. Some I thought about putting on the list Illidan Stormrage, Snow, Nightmare, and Dekard Cain. Agree or Disagree tell me about it.


  1. As I do agree with you there is no real competition against Vivi and he is the clear winner. I don't agree that Luigi is not a main character afterall it is super mario brothers and he is the brother. Sure it is not super mario and luigi but it is close enough. Not to mention he has had his own games. Regardless Vivi is the best of the best but I would have Illidan on the list instead of luigi

  2. "I'm the leading man" one of my favorite final fantasy lines ever. He really made every scene he was in.