Saturday, July 6, 2013


Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays

 Hello Everyone! Was nice hearing from old WOW friends about last Saturday.
Since then Gauss and I have been very busy playing RIFT, And believe it when I say it really isn't as awful as many WOW vets say it is. Personally I think some of the micro transaction is a bit overboard, and they find creative ways to put it throughout the game, but overall so far it's pretty amazing. So far the LORE is interesting, the graphics aren't at all disappointing. The amount of options as far as how you prefer to play your class are in copious amounts. Some things aren't near as amazing as World of Warcraft, but for a free to play game you can't argue game experience. (All my opinions) 

Gauss believe it or not plays a healer (cleric). And he is damn good at it too. He follows me around and no matter how hard I get hit he is limitless. He can also hit hard. Now I play a rogue the bomb spec, can't think of what they call it off the top of my head but when we duel I cannot kill him. It's ridiculously not funny at all how annoying it is to lose to him. He is beyond competitive, and enjoys making me feel like an idiot noob. For example in the beginning of our RIFT adventure we picked professions, and we agreed while playing we wouldn't bother with the dailies or quests they offer, and we get into instant adventures which are basically like mass group quests, and he tells me "why aren't you mining?" 

Other than RIFT we've been waiting for MaximusBlack  to finish playing The Last of Us, and post his play through onto twitch. He and NovaWar commentate Starcraft games from average, to above average players. Very comical outlook on peoples mistakes. He finally posted it and it's hilarious. Worth our wait.

Off topic I have to say last weeks Dexter was amazing and cannot wait for the next episode. I'm a huge fan :). Also the picture up above is another of us being useless. 10pts to who can say where it was taken in WOW. Hope you guys are enjoying the holiday weekend. I almost blew myself up with a firecracker. I went to throw it in the air and of course it had to bounce off the roof and land on my shoulder -_- 
- Safiree


  1. I don't mind Rift. Assuming you are checking it out because it is f2p? It is a wow clone though not that that is a bad thing though. For what it is it is pretty fun.

  2. also I am pretty sure the screen is taken in the old Azshara in the temples which used to be there

  3. Great to see you back. btw I love Dexter