Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Endless Rage

Wednesday middle of the week, which as of late has turned into me making a sort of list. So why not come up with another one. When thinking of what to do I was thinking about when I was playing The Last Of Us on survival mode. Yes it was hard, but would I even consider it one of the hardest games I ever played? Not a chance really. I have played a countless amount of games over my lifetime and when trying to think of games I thought were the Hardest I ever played well those games came to my mind almost instantly. So here goes.

5. Castlevania

Castlevania is know for setting the standard for difficult games more so towards that is is at least it’s semi-fair. Well, sort of. Each level is laid out perfectly to make sure every single touch on your controller is perfectly timed. Also I remember countless times where the amount of enemies never seemed to end, and made me scream out WHY. Oh and the very fact that you cannot move while jumping ya that drove me insane. Overall though it will be a game I will never forget even if I cringe at times when seeing pictures.
4. Contra

Modern games have nothing on Contra with their auto saves and unlimited continues. Who needs those? In Contra you got 3 lives thats it. You had no health regen or any of those random things which exist nowadays. If you got hit by a bullet you died its over sucks to be you. Yes oh how this game caused countless screaming matches playing coop

3. Demon Souls

Most if not all modern games are user friendly where the developers are happy you took the time to play their game and believe you should expierence the content. Everyone should beat the game right? Well this is where Demon Souls came in and said a big Fuck you to evcryone. You die repeatly doing basics things and the only help you get is messages left by others who sadly came to the same fate. If you haven't had the pleasure or endless pain I suggest you take it for a spin.

2. Ninja Gaiden Black

This is a game in which I will always remember every single boss fight mostly because I spent countless hours trying to figure them out. Now it is not that the rest of the game was easy no is was brutally hard, but the boss fights and their mechanics where borderline unfair at times, and it drove you absolutely insane. A game that when and if you finally beat it you truly are proud of yourself.

1. Battletoads

Widely consider impossible to beat in single player and friendly fire exists in coop. It is a game that I compare all game difficulties too. Now you may say well you played this a long time ago and there is no way it  compares to Demon Souls  or  Ninja Gaiden and I will tell you that both of those games with all of the time I put into them are basically Hello Kitty Island Adventure in comparison. This is a game where screaming cursing and anything else happened again and again. Ask anyone who has ever had the Battletoads experience what they think and I am sure they will go on and on about how difficult it was.

There you have it there is my Rage list. Do you have one? Agree or Disagree let me know.


  1. Never had the discomfort of playing battletoads, but I have always heard about it. I will agree with you with Demon Souls and NGB those games were hella hard and drove me absolutely mad

  2. I still have nightmares about COntra and it has been years since I have played