Monday, July 22, 2013

Written By You!

Happy Monday! Is that an Oxymoron? Can a Monday really be a happy Monday? I guess if it was your birthday or Christmas, but then that would all depend on how old you were turning or if you were sad and alone. Wow that got off topic fast. The hate mail is going to be epic for that one. So Monday means one thing well it means many things, but in Gauss Land it means it is Machinima Monday. The post of the week where I showcase a video for all of you to see. Now I know I have shown a Beckman  video before. Azerothian Super Villains anyone? But I just had to share this one with all of you. This is a Machinima which is written from comments. Yes you know that silly forum game where you give one line to a story? Well he made a video out of it, and frankly did a pretty amazing job at it. So I know I have made you curious so check it out it is pretty amazing.

So happy Monday or not, try and enjoy your day!


  1. That is pretty epic, Can only imagine where that next story is going to go