Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Death's We Remember

Ever since I posted the Voice Acting post I have been getting a bunch of emails asking me about the other death scenes in games, which have been memorable to me. Now that scene with Ezio and Christina may not seem like anything to those who had not played the Assassin's Creed games, but it was the unexpected nature and along with it being cruel how through everything was finally settled he had to watch her die in his arms.

Deaths in games come in a variety of ways, and  they always happen to be the very things that we remember. They are one of the first things you mention when you talk about a game with someone. Years and years down the road the music itself can make you relive the moment again and again. So excluding the death of Christina in Assassin's Creed here are my top 5 death scenes. Also goes without saying but this post contains spoilers.

5. Jason's Death in Heavy Rain

Throughout the entire ordeal of looking for your son in the mall it is almost implying he has been kidnapped. The camera work in this game shows this beautifully. Even to the point where the commands are larger in size to make you feel engaged into the situation. Then comes the moment you found him and all should be well but...he runs across the street. Even there for that split second when you dive in front of the car and you think you saved him....but then the screaming and the tears followed by that damn  balloon floating into the air.

4. Sarah's Death in The Last Of Us

I would go far as to say this could very well be the best opening sequence to any game I have ever played. You feel for this little girl more then you ever thought you could for a character in a video game. Especially when Joel says "Don't do this to me baby". Now yes this is designed to get you involved into the game, but it shows you the very pain Joel has to lived with for the rest of his life.

3. Lee's Death in The Walking Dead

You play this entire game helping this little girl who you found in her house. You protected her, you saved her, and you taught her how to be safe. But her final lesson may have been the hardest. She shot him to prevent him from turning.


2. Tassadar's Death in Starcraft

There are few moments in gaming when the death of a main character can lead to something better. Tassadar sacraficed himself so everyone else could survive. A moment any Starcraft fan knows and will always remember. EN TARO TASSADAR

1. Aeris Death in Final Fantasy VII

There is probably no other moment in gaming which is looked at as often as this one. Final Fantasy lovers and haters recognize this moment as scripted to the point of perfection. See it isn't just the moment where Sephiroth's sword goes through Aeris it isn't even the moment when the heart is beating. It is when the materia hits the ground and the music starts playing. It is done brillantly. The music keeps playing and you are left with just Cloud's pain. You could play that music and anyone who has played FF7 will tell you all about "their first time"

There you have it. The death's I will never soon forget.


  1. I haven't even played The Last Of Us and that was intense.

  2. I don't see Tassadar's as a death more of an accession. Regardless En Taro Tassadar

  3. Times you really don't want to remember...

  4. You are right the crying doesn't start till Aeris theme is played