Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ask Gauss

So it is the end of the weekend, which means it is time for this week's edition of Ask Gauss. It is a rather late post I was a little occupied today so you all will have to live with it. So after mulling through all questions in what is know as my inbox I chose these ones.

When you recruit people off server do you give them full time spots automatically?

I treat server transfers like anyone else. I give them the chance to preform and prove themselves. If they show me they can be at the level I expect them to be then they will get that spot. I give nothing out for free, everything must be earned. I tell them this straight when I recruit them. They have to earn the spot they want. It is not my concern that they had to pay to transfer and/or faction change. I find this gets me players that are not only serious, but also ones that are confident in their own abilities. These are the players I want. Someone who isn't up to the challenge won't come over and make that monetary investment. This is also why it is almost better to recruit off server this way, because you will get people who don't want to waste what they put in to come over. So win win. I think also the recruits respect that I am honest with them and give it to them straight. I don't give them baseless promises that I have no intent on keeping.

Do you play with anyone you know out in the real world?

I do. This is also a sketchy thing to do if you are serious about your gameplay. For there could be the option that you both are good players and fit well with one another. There is also the option that one of you is bad and has to put up with the other one. This situation can cause stress, because you always have to cover for the other one and find reasons why you put up with the other one. The last option is people can use the friendship in a way that can actually harm the friendship. You push one another to the limits because you know in the end you won't do anything. This can lead to what people think is favouritism. This is a very slippery slope and you should be very careful not to tread this path. Remember in the end it is a game just let your friendship get worse or make your gameplay any less fun. I really think that is the most important thing to remember.

What is the thing you say most often in raids?

Sadly probably "Just wipe it!".

That is it for the week. Keep sending along all your questions and maybe yours will be picked for next weeks. Friday's Reader Post will be about your favourite settlement in the game. Make sure you tell me why it liked or disliked.


  1. and I thought it was going to be "Die in a fire"


  2. that is pretty unfair to people coming over in my opinion