Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Fail At Threat If...

Happy Fail Day all. So, I play on one of the many servers down today. Sucks but then I can do all that stuff that I am supposed to do. To all those people who play on servers, which are not down for the day you will either have to have yours down soon or they have already been done. The whole point is to make sure we have no issues when Cataclysm launches. So I am all for the downtime if it makes that transition easier. To get back on topic it is Fail Day and I know how people get today so shall we just get on with it.

You Fail At Threat If...
  • You confuse Omen with Oh man
  • Taunt is part of your rotation
  • You use mocking blow on iceblocks
  • Your tank has a macro to turn you into a ghoul
  • You are known for saying "Give me time to get aggro guys" after MDs and ToT have gone out.
  • You blow all cooldowns and let loose instead of giving the tank a second
  • You are a range who gets bit first on Blood Queen
  • You loose aggro to someone not even attacking
  • You forget to fade
  • You are healing with Righteous Fury
  • You are a hunter who refuses to Feign Death
  • Vanish has seemed to have vanished from your bars
  • You getting Salvation is the beginning of the end
  • You use your taunt because it does damage
  • You deathgrip to see mobs fly across the screen

and finally

  • You loose aggro as a Prot Pally

That is it for this week. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday if your server is up. If it is not enjoy the sun shine. If the sun is not shinning go out and sing in the rain.


  1. Have you never played the Deathgrip game? It's fun


  2. "Vanished has seemed to have vanihsed from your bars"

    aren't you clever...

  3. Don't forget just taunting Iceblocks you know they run around killing the raid.