Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flames Fun

So today is the day I set aside to get all the flames done. Even if I got the achievement last year it is still a lot of fun going around and killing anything that may get in my way. Even if that means bring a For The Horde Raid into alliance cities to make the flames that much more fun to get. I didn't purposely get anyone lost though. I guess I was in a good mood today.

Couple funny stories of mine from the day.

So I was riding to Shadowprey to grab the flame there when I see this Alliance warlock. He wasn't flagged. I was, of course, having just done the Alliance flame in the zone. He must have seen me I was right beside him, but he kept riding to Shadowprey and I was right there with him. He then did his bit on the flame, which flagged him, of course. Then I sure as hell let the guy have it. I don't even think he had time to react to me making him kiss the dirt.

Off to Silithus, I went where this mage decided to attack and went about running away. The Heroic Throw to the face caused him to suffer such an embarrassing death. Later on this mage decided to whisper someone who was with me complaining that "You and your buddy Gauss think you are cool?". I find it funny he never whispered me because I would have told him this festival is very much about PvP and if you are going to do it especially around me expect me to charge right at you.

After killing the King in Stormwind and getting the flame we had a little fun owning the place. I would say I feel bad for that Deathknight who kept trying, but after I killed him like 6 times you would have thought he would have stopped attacking me and tried someone else.

And it is not even over yet! Look for me defending Thunder Bluff and of course I will be running around the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms tonight.


  1. Great raid today Gauss was a lot of fun.


  2. I hate people who complain when they get killed. LIke what did you expect?

  3. I had a lot of fun even though I spent 90% of it dead. It really is embarrassing how there is little to no resistance anywhere anymore. Even noobs like me can get a bear and only have to worry about riding with maniacal priests (Awesome jump. It really was. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't find my body.) or the guards aggroing on you. It makes me appreciate the few who do defend.


  4. I enjoyed all the alliance that I Thunderfucked last night. LOK'TAR OGAR FOR THE HORDE! i even had a paladin whisper me last night saying, "Not sure if i should love u or hate u", I asked why. He said, and i quote "For Thunderfucking me off the cliff'