Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Hogger Facination

Has anyone really understood why such a fascination exists? Maybe you have to be Alliance to truly understand, but I have no clue. For those of you who don't know he is a level 11 elite located in Elwynn Forest. For many people he is the first elite encountered while leveling in the area encounter. So I guess people mindless pull him and get their ass handed to them, to create the folklore. I guess kind of like I did when I first ran into Walling Caverns.

Here are a few facts about Hogger
  • He has 666 health
  • He started the 40 level 1 raids.
  • He is a memory of the Argent Confessor
  • He was voted #24 of 47 in the list of the most diabolical video game villains of all time
  • His description in division 7 reads "An unbeatable 40 man raid boss in World of Warcraft"
  • During Blizzcon 2009 he was the last encounter for Premonition he was buffed up to Level 80 heroic mode and they were unable to take him down.
  • There is a horde guild called [Hogger Protection] made of horde that there sole purpose is to prevent hogger from being killed
  • You can check "Deaths to Hogger" in your statistics

There was this video for the Rise to Power contest

So I don't understand it at all or who or what started it, but it is there...


  1. LFM Hogger raid have tank and healer!


  2. Did you just look at my last post and use that as an idea for today? T.T

  3. Hogger owns all just the way it is

  4. @ Laklok

    You kind of pushed me to finally do it.

  5. You can completely level Alliance and never face Hogger. Nelfs, Space Goats, Gnomes and Dwarves need never face him just following the quests in your respective starting areas.

    I see you have no death by Hogger. I am very proud of my 1 death, which occurred at level 70. The gallery on the guild's web site has the photo proof.