Friday, June 25, 2010

The Story Of My Class

So it is Friday and time for the Reader Post. This week I asked the question of why you decided to play the class you did. I know I have heard many stories over the years and they interested me so shall we see what everyone said?

I rolled a warrior because after 3 1/2 years of playing a paladin i just had to quit. I'm not really sure y, but i think it had to do with healing, buffing in raids with retard paladins that didn't know wtf they were doing, cleansing, DI's, and just all the other stuff my class did to support other classes. Warriors just pwn, we are "the man" we main tank huge bosses, we have great pvp dps, and great pve dps. I"m not selling paladins out saying they can't do this stuff, but a warrior will never have to heal, besides bandages and pots/healthstones lol. I hate healing moreless i guess.

I rolled a Mage because of the Big Blue Dress Video. I thought that guy was owning shit up and I want to do that.

My Blood Elf Hunter, was started because my sisters moronic fiance said "hey you should play a hunter, they get pets!". Me being new to the game didn't think to really look into what I wanted to play, so I went ahead with it. Chose bloodelves because I found all other horde races hideous, and I refused to play alliance.

I had a dream where this random guy came up to me and said you should be a shaman.

Undead because there city was the coolest looking per BC IMO, and mage because something about hurling fireballs at mobs and people makes me feel all warm inside =P

I chose a Tauren warrior because before I started playing WoW, my friend showed me the "Pat PVP" video, and even though I didn't really know what it was, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Ironically I hate/suck at PVP.

I had no idea what druids were when I started, and they sounded cool so I chose it, and considering my friends all played alliance back on blackhand, i chose the NE. Happy with my choice over all, cause everyone knows druids are the chosen class.

Well my first ever char was a dwarf pally....until I learned that the vast majority of people on the ally side are children. So like many I came horde side. Before BC came out when I heard they were making a horde race able to be a pally it was a no brainer....and between male and female Belf...common the dance alone was reason enough, I would rather look like a movie star rather then someone with no coordination.

I made an orc warrior on Medivh because a couple friends had lvl 60's there. they came to watch me in the starting area and goofed around as I leveled. Probably got him to about 17 before another guy I worked with who played an Alliance human warlock invited me to Khaz Modan since he was only about lvl 22 so I created my Rogue. I decided to roll a rogue since I played Diablo 2 Expansion as an Assassin and really liked how they were set up with combo points. When creating my character I decided to make it female since I had stared at an orcs ass for 17 levels and decided if I'm going to be rolling behind this thing all the time I might as well make it female. After getting to 60 and raiding I have decided that I will not roll another female toon since it confuses the crap out of people.

I rolled a warrior to be OP, to dps when my class is clearly meant to tank, to let others practice CC on me, to suck at 1v1s, because MS is LOL, and of course spamstring.

So that is it for this week. Thank you all for the submissions I enjoyed reading them all including all the ones that couldn't be included due to the length the post would be. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. "to let others practice CC on me" ROFL I know the feeling. But at least he wanted to give back.


  2. Big Blue Dress ftw that song and video is awesome.

  3. The last one is pretty awesome not gonna lie

  4. "I had no idea what druids were when I started"

    I had no clue either, and found this rather funny when I read it =)

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