Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How You Know The Servers Are Down

So yesterday if you didn't know there was a patch. Really I had no idea? Now many people believe this wasn't a real big issue since there wasn't anything major. Which is true game wise, but remember it was basically the launch of Battlenet 2.0. So with the servers being delayed over and over I decided to poke a little fun at WoW players in general and come up with a list to how you know the severs are down. Prepare to be offended!
  • You just noticed it is summer time
  • You had a meal that wasn't cooked in the microwave
  • You are playing Battleship on yahoo games
  • Your YouTube view counter doubles in size within the hour
  • You talked to someone who wasn't on Vent
  • You go to bed at a reasonable time
  • You start your stories with "This one time the server was down..."
  • You keep refreshing the server status page everyone 2 minutes
  • You complain how your server is always the last one up
  • You email Blizzard telling them you will stop playing their stupid game if the servers aren't up in an hour. You send the same email an hour later.
  • You brush your hair
  • You are still playing battleship
  • You update your facebook statues every 10 minutes complain about how the server is down
  • You look at your screenshots wondering if you will every see that place again
  • The first server that pops up you make a toon on. When you get on the server there is like 200 Level 1 toons all around you.
  • When someone jokes about the server being up you resemble someone who should be taking anger management classes.
  • You log on after hours of waiting only to be stuck at a loading screen and disconnect

Enjoy the new patch and be careful with Real ID.


  1. I so was watching too much youtube


  2. I did that on Argent Dawn last night was tons of level 1s all at once was funny as hell

  3. You call your mom and talk for 30 minutes when she suddenly says, "You're not playing that game? But it's the middle of the week."

    You give the cats extra attention and they run away because they aren't used to you even noticing them between the hours of 7 and midnight.

    You get dishes AND laundry done in the same night.

    You stand in front of the TV and actually contemplate turning it on.


  4. I will have you know I brush my hair once a day! And I saw the sun 3 times last week

  5. I Heard Gauss Is Race Changing To A Belf Come Cataclysm.

  6. Thanks Gauss, I just Drowned When I Was Typing That Last Post. :'(

  7. Yes, Be careful with Real ID. I know from experience there are some crazy people out there. Crazy enough to try to find out everything about you that they can in your real life, and then harass you. Internet stalkers do exist.