Monday, June 21, 2010

Midsummer Fire Festival

It is upon us! Now even though it doesn't have all the awesome that Brewfest has it is still one of my favourite WoW holidays. Anything which urges alliance to visit my Horde cities is always fun. There is nothing like repeatibly killing someone will they are trying to get to a flame. This also means that more will be interested in the For The Horde runs, because it will be a free group to go and get the flames down in the capitals. There is always people around those flames looking to defend and the madness begins.

Here a few fun things to do

Group with a shaman and defend the Thunder Bluff Flame. Watch and enjoy as he Thunderfucks people off the Bluff. This increases in hilarity the more people in the group of alliance. It is funny with the priest too just not as much.

Get people to follow you around to no where in alliance cities and pretend you are lost and have no idea where the flame is.

Ninja all the loot from Ahune from random people who need the gear. Make sure to have other epics you can shard on you. Then shard those things in front of them and trade them the shards.

Open a GM ticket and ask him random questions about the festival. Examples being "Is it really safe to promote playing with fire?", "Why don't my robes catch fire when I mess up catching the torch?", and "Is there a way I can use the flame to actually set Silvermoon on fire? Because that would really make the Festival the greatest around."

Enjoy the Festival's events I know I will!


  1. One day Silvermoon will be on fire and Gauss will be outside crying at how is dreams finally came true.


  2. THUD!

    There. I have tossed down my gauntlet. I told SD members if they want City Defender, just camp the flame. I am soooooooo looking forward to these next 2 weeks. (polishes arrows) If I know who all is coming, I'll have your names written on them.

    Let the festival begin!