Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday it is. Before I get to Ask Gauss I just have to mention something that I read about today.

The Grim Batol raid instance will be called the Bastion of Twilight, and you get to fight Cho'gall as the end boss! If you manage to defeat him in Heroic Mode, a horrific secret will be revealed when he dies.

I'll just let you all chew on that. So now that you are probably quite distracted after reading that, time for the questions.

So I recently heard you are both the Guild Leader and Raid Leader for your guild. Isn't that difficult to pull off?

At times it is harder than I would like. As a guild leader you are trying to build a guild where people get along and achieve the goals at hand. As a raid leader you want to assemble the best possible raid for each and every encounter. Now sometimes I find myself being more of a raid leader and not always thinking about who or what I am bringing in. Meaning will the recruits have the raid time? Forgetting about personalities and how they may crash. Also it can go the other way. Am I letting too much slack because I am concerned how they will react and not treating them how a raid leader should.

I think I have learned to balance it. Also being one has its advantages at times. I don't have to deal with a raid leader thinking he is above everyone. I report to myself basically and know exactly what does need to be done each raid or each week in the guild. While recruiting I can bring in people and can do all the checks at once and can bring in people with going through others. Not that this is always a good thing, but is helpful at times.

So like anything ups and downs, but it can work if you have the patience to get it right.

Do you think Garrosh will make a good Warchief?

One thing I want to stress is that in everything that I have read is he is acting Warchief. This I assume is because Thrall is captured. This is also part of the reasons the Goblins join the Horde. If you think though, does Thrall really have a successor besides Garrosh? Maybe this will allow Thrall to see if he would be the right person for the job. I will say though I love what Garrosh does to Orgrimmar makes it a true warrior city.

The main arguments against Garrosh is that he is the Anti-Thrall. I don't disagree that he is at all. The point being in these times that will be upon Azeroth we need someone who is more hands on. Maybe Thralls capture will teach him to be more hands on, and maybe with Thrall gone Garrosh could learn to be more diplomatic. Therefore in the end we could have 2 people that would be what the horde needs.

Do you have any advice for someone just starting out?

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

That is it for this week. The NDA on the alpha is not completely lifted, but there is some information being given to the press. So take a look there are some interesting developments. I will probably do something regarding these developments in the next day or two. Lastly, the next Reader Post will be who you think is the best Leader currently in the game.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend.


  1. Garrosh will be the death of us all.


  2. "Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot"

    ROFL that is classic

  3. OMFG Cho'gall!!!!

  4. Gauss you are one amazing Guild Leader and from experience I know that you have never acted or put yourself above others. Definitely not a drama queen.