Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Fail At Hard Mode If...

So it is Tuesday and I here there is extended maintenance. This makes me think all the little server glitches and problems for the past few months will be fixed. Then I proceed to bash my head against the wall to try and stop myself from day dreaming. As all or most of you know Tuesday is Fail Day and on Fail Day we use this time to poke fun and/or insult people who can be only referred to as "special". Shall we get to it then?

You Fail At Hard Mode If...
  • You have to call Marrowgar Professor Bonestorm so you don't take the fight as a joke.
  • You are still trying to up your heal numbers by standing in Death and Decay
  • You admit to not being able to kite Blood Beasts because you are a clicker
  • You wipe on Loot Ship
  • You are one of those "I am too awesome to switch targets" DPS
  • You complain you didn't get enough heals when you had 15+ stacks of Shadow Prison
  • You kill people who get MC'd because it is amusing
  • You get MC'd on Blood Queen
  • You think hard mode trash is entertaining
  • You the victim of a blood beast facial
  • You are a healer and failed to heal yourself when inflicted with Mark of the Champion
  • You get a closeup of the reanimated adds exploding on Deathwhisper
  • You still misunderstand the term "stack up" and confuse it with "do your own thing in the corner"
  • The phrase "why are we wiping on this easy boss" repeatably comes out of your mouth, because you don't understand this is in fact hard mode.
  • You keep screaming "Taunt you idiot" without knowing the boss is in fact untauntable.

and finally

  • You were constantly out healed by a ret pally on normal mode

That is it for this week. Hopefully your Free Loot Tuesday goes off without a problem.


  1. The fact that the knock back on gunship is pointless because if you fall off the boat they port you back up. What is the point of even putting that in?


  2. I love people who complain about hard modes expecting them to be a joke. After they used to complain that they want to try harder fights when all you were doing was normal modes.

  3. You fail at hard mode if you can't even stay on the gunship during normal. It's a long way down and they can't rez you at the end of the fight, not that (*cough) I would know this from first hand experience.


  4. Hey stacking means don't run to the corner? Wow I am amazed at the new things I learn everyday.