Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ask Gauss

Last day of the weekend otherwise known as Sunday. The day you can get up late and no one cares. Don't give me that crap about Saturday people care. Sunday as most if not all of you know as Ask Gauss day. With the type of questions asked this week I kinda get the feeling something big happened and I have no clue about it. You know what I am talking about? You know when you are in a room talking to people and someone says something completely not funny at all and like everyone laughs but you. See now you understand, anyways kind of got side tracked. To the questions!

Is WoW a hard game?

To be completely honest, no. The game is actually built this way so that it can be played by a large variety of people. It is good for the bottom line. This is also why WoW doesn't have the best graphics engine compared to other MMOs. More people can play so they have the ability to make more money.

Now WoW does have a difficulty system so that players who want to do something more difficult can do so. WoW comes down to standing where you are supposed to, killing what you are supposed to, or healing who you are supposed to. Then of course when any of one of these things goes wrong just blame lag or Blizzard for a stupid glitch.

What are of the stupid things people have asked you?

Here is a list
Where is the mailbox in Dalaran?
Why don't I have defensive stance?
Can I have 5000g for my epic flying I know you won't miss it?
Where do you catch fish?
So you can really learn to speak common in the barrens?
So I am in Silithus now where do I find that vendor?
Do you pay me before or after I jump off TB?
Do you type out Pi every time?
Are you trying to kill me?
Why is ret a bad spec?

Why is Champion of the Frozen Wastes such a bad title?

Is this really a serious question?

That is it for this week. Keep on sending them in and I will do my best to answer them, poke fun at you for answering such a question, or question you for asking such a question. Next Friday's Reader Post will be why you chose the class you did.


  1. "Then of course when any of one of these things goes wrong just blame lag or Blizzard for a stupid glitch."


  2. It is better than Jenkins though right?


  3. Maybe they wanted to know where a specific mailbox is in Dalaran? lol

  4. Are you trying to kill me?

    Memo to self, put the mug of tea down before reading Gauss' next column.


    P.S. I hope you said, "Yes".