Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Dust In The Wind

I don't know if any of you look at your statistics in your achievements page, but if you don't then you should. One thing I have realized after looking at it one thing really sticks out. I die a lot. Now I know I don't play alts or anything like that, but just take a look at a few of these numbers

Total Deaths: 6701
Total Deaths 5 Player Heroics: 647
Total Deaths in 10 Player Raids: 1325
Total Deaths in 25 Player Raids: 2967
Deaths in Naxxramas: 197
Deaths in Ulduar: 530
Deaths in Trial of the Crusader: 7
Deaths in Icecrown Citadel: 474
Deaths from Falling: 106

Now looking at those stats the ToC one is obviously messed up somehow because I can off the head remember at least 10 specific times with complete detail where I died. The stat I find the most disturbing is my heroic deaths that is one crazy number. The 106 deaths from falling is rather embarrassing. This makes me wonder as well how much time playing this game has been spent running back to my corpse. Remember these stats only start being counted at patch 3.0, who knows how many total deaths I have had over the years.

Maybe there should be an achievement for over 9000 deaths I will probably have that one in the bag by the time Cataclysm rolls around. Looking at more of these stats though might just scare me a little. Excuse me I must run back to my corpse now.


  1. thats a lot of death...


  2. holy crap I only have 914 total deaths.