Friday, June 11, 2010

They Have The Best Blueberry Pie

TGIF! Yes, it is Friday, which means time for the weekly Reader Post. For all of you who haven't kept up with what this week's post is about, I guess I will have to tell you. I wanted people to tell me what their favourite settlements in WoW are. Maybe there is a reason, maybe there isn't, maybe you just go there because they have good pie. Who knows but shall we find out then?

Ironforge: Even know you play horde you have to respect Ironforge because of the Lore. Ironforge has never been taken. All other capitals have been taken and to be rebuilt or relocated. Ironforge has never been taken, never once! It is the impenetrable fortress that will be defended till the end.
Timbermaw Hold: Besides the fact that they love me in that tunnel I think it is a really cool place. Candles on the walls of the tunnels. It gives the feeling of a completely different type of culture. Also makes me excited for the day that I will be able to roll a furbolg as a playable race.

The Crossroads: Some of the best times I have ever had in WoW have been at the Crossroads. The raids that would develop out of no where. Truth be told that was also the first time I ever saw you. I saw all of these people standing around part of this guild called "The Army of Gauss" when all of the sudden people started yelling "GAUSS HAS LANDED". There had to be at least 100 people following you around like you were some sort of God. There you were inside the Crossroads all pro being Level 60 telling people how to organize and push the alliance scum back. Push them back we did all the way back to Ashenvale where we then took over their little elf city.

Halaa: Before Wintergrasp there was Halaa. The area of constant fun and games for hours upon hours. I would never not be in Nagrand and not trying to either defend it or do the bombing runs while attacking. The best part was there was always the same people over and over and you got to know them and how they would react. I enjoy Wintergrasp, but it just isn't the same.Thunder Bluff: Not only is Thunder Bluff a quiet city, where the people who are there are the people who want to be there. It is home to some of the most scenic shots in all the warcraft universe. This is why beyond doubt it is my favourite settlement.

So that is it for this week's Reader Post. Be sure to make your contributions for next week's topic and as always it will be announced this Sunday. To all you soccer loving people enjoy the World Cup. To everyone else enjoy your weekend.


  1. Thunder bluff and Orgrimmar have been taken lore wise?


  2. Really I believe he means the orcs were driven from there home and forced to make a new one in Durotar as well as the Taurens leaving the Barrens and then choosing the grasslands of Mulgore for their new home

  3. umm wtf happened here?

    Also Org owns is like the Warrior City

  4. I log on and there's this new background and I totally approve, not that you need my approval.

    And yes, Ironforge has been besieged, during the Third War, I believe, but never taken. Those (*cough) interlopers who occasionally run across the bridge into the center and assault the king are not conquerors.

    I found the inclusion of Timbermaw to be very interesting. I never looked at that place from that POV. Maybe I need to go back there since they love me; never gonna do THAT rep grind on another toon, ever.


  5. TB is the meca of awesomeness