Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everyone Wants Everything

This comic says it best

Have you ever read any of the suggestion forums it is full of crap to make someones toon the most overpowered thing in the history of WoW. Some of them are so out of whack they try to explain why something isn't overpowered and how it could be balanced. I guess this is the nature of the world we live in everyone wants what is best for them. On this not I have invented a couple of abilities for warriros one for each spec.

Ownage Copter: This talent will allow you extend the duration of Bladstorm by intercepting to targets. Each time you successfully intercept while under the effects of Bladestorm the duration will increase by 6 seconds with every successful intercept. Each time you also do this intercept will have no cooldown.

Big Number Smash: This allows you to Cleave, Whirlwind, Heroic strike, and Bloodthirst all at once. The result is what the name says lots of big numbers. This ability has a 10 second cooldown.

Titan Shield Wall: Allows you to equipped a shield in both hands and use abilities that require a melee weapon even if you are not in fact using one. This will also allow you to block and spell reflect at the same time since you have two shields of course!

Now you may think these are stupid and ridiculous, but there is someone who will read it and said "OMFG THEY NEED TO PUT THAT IN".


  1. I think it needs another gimmie. That may just get it right.


  2. Two Shield would be sweet

  3. LOL seriously thought the two shield thing has promise lol. I suspect a lot of the WILD ass speculation a lot of people put for in the forums is a result of not knowing what the hell they are doing or saying. Sadly people who have no clue are generally the ones with the biggest mouths.

  4. I want "Ownage Copter" to be stopped by /trip, but only if you can run UNDER the warrior's blades.