Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day!!

So for those of you non Canadians you may not know that today is Boxing Day. To avoid a history lesson basically we get the day off. This is also the day of the biggest sales in the country. Basically the same as Black Friday in the US. Crazy shopping on everything around and crazy people who will do anything to get what they want. One year I was run over by a guy in a wheelchair and he wanted me to say sorry to him for being in his way. Apparently I had slowed him up from get the extra 20% off of the thing he was never going to use. I was a better person then, and held in everything I wanted to say. He wouldn't be so lucky if that happened today.

Anyways so today as I was in the car looking at all the people outside of the stores going absolutely mad. I thought, what would it be like if WoW had a shopping day? They could even make it fun and make it alliance and horde pvp zone. Oh the fun that would be had. Could have quests such as ninjaing the last of a particular item and laughing at the person who wanted it, Could be an achievement to survive a trampling crowd, and my favourite the "the ass" title for the person who buys every single of a particular item just to laugh at the others who wanted them. I actually did this one time. Well I didn't buy them I put every single one in my cart and walked around the store. The looks I got and the amount of things I was called. I almost wish I had recorded it.

So Blizzard let us try something like this. Even make it a one day a year battleground. The QQing which would take place would be epic, and then you would talk about it all year till the next. Ah the memories to last a lifetime.

Hope every one's Christmas was good or whatever it is you celebrate. Things will be getting back to a somewhat normal schedule Gauss wise soon enough. Till Tomorrow!

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  1. Ok that would be funny as hell.