Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Fail At Raid Leading If...

So it's Tuesday and if you have been reading long enough you know that means it's time for the "You Fail" post. If you didn't know well you do now. So sit back enjoy and poke fun at the people who do these things.

You Fail At Raid Leading If...
  • You don't have and interesting pull macro
  • You do ready checks to see if people are ready for ready checks
  • You forget to put it on Master Loot
  • You put a resto shaman in a group with hunters
  • Melee DPS makes up half your raid
  • The entire raid can hear you drinking or eating over vent
  • Your best explanation on a fight is "Don't Die"
  • You allowed Bagellord into your raid and it wasn't for comic relief
  • You are ordering people around while your mom is yelling at you in background
  • You miss click your pull button before knowing everyone is ready
  • You give the Disc Priest raid healing assignments
  • You die to the very things you said you would kick people out of the raid for doing
  • You wing it comes to planning strategy
  • You believe playing with jetpacks adds to intense focus
  • You throw emo fits because in your opinion it makes people respect you more
  • You try to compare all aspects of the encounter to real life situations

and finally

  • You're a ret pally

Keep on sending in your Noob of the year submissions. They have to be in by Thrusday evening to get a shot at appearing in the post. Keep enjoying the holidays and may you never group with Wally.


  1. I was starting to think there wasn't going to be a jab at ret pallys. I am glad I wasn't disappointed.


  2. "Your best explanation on a fight is 'Don't Die'." -- This works if everyone in the raid has been in the instance before and should know the fight or if it's MC and half the raid is in Wrath purples. "I don't remember what this boss does. Just don't die, k? Then you are lame and we will make fun of you."

    "You don't have and interesting pull macro." -- Ooops. I fail. I admit it. I have "Go get 'er, Ray" and "Don't do it! Don't do it! If you shoot him, you'll only make him mad" macro'd. Do those count?

  3. Yes You described the retard Gimmlette to a "T"

    lol and you chose the wrong word here "You (through) emo fits"

    Lol I believe the correct word would be "Throw"

    No wonder Gimmlette idolizes you.

    Just sayin


  4. If that is all you can find wrong with what Gauss writes you obviously fail more at English than he does. If you had not noticed he could care less about it he is a mathematician not a book worm.


  5. I will know be reading this everyday. Love the wow.com article, wish you were on my server

  6. new reader thanks for having me.

  7. I am aboard great WoW.com article pretty cool of you to do all those things

  8. Raid leading is hard...

    You have yourself a new reader

  9. Amazing article! Congrats babe <3