Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Graphs Are Pretty Didn't You Know?

So today I thought I would share something rather amusing. Or at least something I have found amusing and since generally people agree with what I find amusing that is why I am sharing it with you. If you are confused by my last sentence don't worry I was confused writing it. Basically I have included a bunch of graphs about WoW. Why you ask? Because graphs are pretty didn't you know, and you can never have enough visual aids!

The question on every ones mind

The Population of the WoW player base in a nutshell

To all the people who wonder what you are doing while you are playing. Just give them this.
This is why I am glad WoW wasn't around when I was in School.

So ever wonder the break down of Barrens Chat? Of course you have, so now you have it!
So the gender question is always important. Also I needed some facts to back up some of my thoughts on people who play female toons. So here we go!

Who doesn't love trade chat. But then who uses it for its intended purpose?

This is the perfect thing to give to people. When you tell them you play WoW, and they start to lecture you.
Here are a couple, which have to deal with WoW addicts.
And now for my Favourite graph for obvious reasons.

Hope you enjoyed it. As a reminder tomorrow is your last day to send in PUG stories of the cross server variety. I will pick 10 I think are the most different and most unique to share. There has already been quite a bit of laughs on my part, so keep them coming.


  1. HAHA! So, I was going to say that the "people who make fun of me for playing WoW" graph was the best... then I read the last one. Your choice was perfect. lol.

  2. LOL go Gauss with the pally bashing it will never get old.


  3. Wow those are awesome

  4. see now we all understand why Pallys fail ty Gauss

  5. Hey that moutain dew thing was awesome. I love my battle bot