Friday, December 18, 2009

There Are Special People From Other Servers

So today is Friday, which means the post is made up by all of you. The people who read my rants, complain when I make fun of you, and of course pelt me with snowballs endlessly! So this week I asked you to tell me of your experiences with those special people in the pugs from cross server pugs. Now let me tell you I cannot post everyone but I have to tell you some of these were absolutely amazing! So if you didn't get yours posted don't get discouraged there is always next time. So let's get to it.

So I really thought the tool was supposed to match people with equal gear. This was until I entered CoS with a tank who just dinged 80 that day. He was wearing all quest gear, and I swear this probably was his first heroic. He was a pally tank that couldn't keep aggro, and kept BoP himself to avoid dying. This then killed everyone else. The worst part was when I was yelling at him for doing so he didn't understand why using BoP was wrong. By the time we got to the first boss I had already died 3 times and we had completely wiped twice. I didn't end up finishing it since we wiped again on the boss when he couldn't keep aggro off the healer. From now on I have always queued with a tank.

I must have grouped with the biggest retard ever. He was a warrior who was a hybrid fury arms warrior. He was spec'd into titan's grip, without WW spec'd and in arms he was specing for overpower and taste for blood. He was also DPSing in battle stance as fury with being spec'd into improved zerker stance. Now ya people probably meet noobs like this all the time, but when the dagger dropped off the first boss in HoR and he rolled need and won all I could do was /facepalm him. The sad thing was it probably would improve his DPS.

I got into a group where I did the first pull in UP and died and we wiped. I didn't understand what happened, but I know I rushed in. So I didn't think anything of it. Until I did the same pull and I died again. I asked where the heals were and who the healer was. No one answered. At first I thought Blizz had messed up and we got a group without a healer. This was until the priest said he queued as a healer so he could get in the group quicker, but he was there to DPS. Let's just say I wasn't there any longer.

We were in AN when I as a joke I cast water walking on this DK who was sucking it up big time. BY sucking it up I mean less than 1500 DPS. He died of course and I laughed. He asked why I was laughing and I said so in party chat. Everyone else started laughing and he went absolutely emo. He was screaming and crying in party chat saying that the group would be fail without his DPS. When we got to Anub I told the tank in a whisper to turn the boss on pound to get him killed. He did and we all laughed at him again. He left during the boss fight when he could have stayed 40 more seconds for the boss kill.

We were in HoL and at the part with all the rock guys. Where the tank kept pulling one by one. With them respawning. He proceed to tell us the instance was bugged and it never did this before. When we were all arguing with him he told us to look at his achievements and we would know that he was right. He was right he had plenty of achievements 8000+ points including all of the ulduar hard modes and 4/5 ToC hard modes. He even had all the HoL achievements. When then all asked him how much he paid for his account and he let slip $1500. We all had a good laugh.

I got in this pug where the leader was the most serious guy I ever met. It was UK and he wanted us to get on vent and listen to his instructions because this was hard and we were not going to wipe. When everyone refused to get on he complained, but then wrote out a plan in party chat of the entire instance. My debuff had 5 minutes left when he was done. When he was done and he asked if everyone understood I said "Could you go over that again I was afk".

So I entered a pug and thought I would have a little bit of fun, because in all honesty I wanted to be part of your post this week! So I decided to ask everyone random personal questions, which ended up getting more and more personal. Being a girl of course I can be easily distracting. I was messing with them so much I told them I was sitting at my computer naked and they ended up not paying attention and jumped off the ledge to their death after the second boss in Nexus because they weren't paying attention.

I grouped with a Mage named Gauss! I kept asked him if he was related to you or if he was you. I told him I was a huge fan and read his blog everyday. I think I scared him because he ended up putting me on ignore. I didn't even know you could ignore people from other servers till then. I felt special

So this DPS joined our PoS group and I used your joke for PoS on him because he had horrible gear. Said like was he confusing PoS for piece of $#@&. He was getting so pissed off by me making fun of him said he was going to report me if I did anything else. So what did I do? I pelted him with snowballs till he left the group. I did my job and made him cry are you proud of me?

I was in the biggest fail group you have ever seen. If you have seen worse then please god tell me. We had a hunter who ran out of bullets after the first set of trash and ended up meleeing the rest of the instance. Had a made who was your fav spec 71 points in frost. Had a shaman healer with spirit gems because apparently he knows something about shaman regen no one else does. The best was our DK tank, he had no tank gear said frost presence was enough to tank the instance. So there I was crying because I wanted my emblems.

Thank you all for your submissions. I really enjoyed reading them all. Three Scores ToC run through is tonight at 8, and FTH's for your snowball on the leaders achieve will be run through all weekend. Hope to see you all at any of them. Till tomorrow!


  1. I feel so sorry for these people I have always had great groups.


  2. Something tells me the last one was a blatant lie.


  3. One of these stories, sounds like my b/fs son's toon.

  4. These were funny. I would say some of them are hard to believe, but then I have been it pugs I could tell people about they would believe at all

  5. I healed a pug where top dps was the tank and 4th was me with 480 because I got bored and started using consecration on the mobs. At least I learned how not to dps as a mage. The good ole fireball, fireball, fireball rotation kinda sucks.

  6. I was in a pug where 3 people stood in the breath on he boss in UP. They all died and complained to me they didn't get any heals. The tank in our group gave them it to them like I wanted to. Complete bunch of idiots.