Sunday, December 13, 2009

So I Have an Opinion on 3.3

So it's Sunday and the patch came out on Tuesday and from what I seen so far I think I can make some pretty good conclusions on what I have seen.

The 5 Mans

I think these were designed pretty well. Finally we return to 5 mans that you actually have to think about. Although tanking these as a Warrior is on the much more difficult side especially Halls of Reflection it is something that has been missing from the game in 5 mans. Also since these will be giving out ToC 10 equal gear I am glad a bunch of mindless idiots just can't go in and grab loot.

Icecrown Citadel

So you all know I am a lore whore. This so far hasn't disappointed me in regard to this. This is one of the greatest stories lore wise and the first 4 bosses and the opening event upon entering is also exactly what I wanted and was looking forward too. The Deathbringer Saurfang events were done really well and I hope all this continues. The actual instance and boss encounters so far why not difficult have actually had some pretty interesting mechanics. Even if Lady Deathwhisper had given me some refreshed M'uru nightmares. The Gunship battle I think the biggest test was getting people not to kill themselves before the pull with their jet packs. This may really be an issue when pugs head in here. I am also looking forward to seeing the rest of this even if I have to wait a month.

Shadowmorne Quest Line

So I got Light's Vengeance yesterday. For those of you who don't know, this is Arthas' Oringal hammer he discarded when he took up Frostmorne. This is a phased event in Frostmorne Cavern, where the Lich King comes and visits you. Let's just say I was surprised when like 100000000000 zombies came to kill me, I wasn't expecting that at all. Looks like a great start to the line and I look forward to completing it.

Cross Server Pugs

So these have been interesting to say the least. I have grouped with a priest who had no idea what shackle was, a DK who got lost in AN, some moron mage in BoA gear, and someone who actually had 1000+ more achieve points than myself. I am always a going on and on. So they were either entertained or confused how I could tank their instance, chain pull, and talk non stop in party chat. I just must be talented. Makes me wonder if I will do anymore pugs after I get my 100 groupies achieve.

So there are my current thoughts on 3.3. I am sure I will have more opinions in the future as I always do. For next weeks Friday's Topic it will be "My Cross Server Pug Hell". If you didn't get it from the title you are probably a dumbass, but to explain just send me your stories of your "interesting" cross server pugs. On a finally note Magni can't be kited, he resets on the bridge by the front gates. So depressing we would have had him out too yesterday


  1. I like 3.3 so far. Arthas is really a great story and one reason I can't wait for the movie. I have a few Cross Server stories I would be glad to share with ya. I'll send them along sometime this week.


  2. I like it haven't had any bad luck with pugs yet. /knock on wood

  3. I havent had any bad luck, with any of the Pugs. Just one crappy paladin healer, who left. We found a priest and kicked ass in H-TOC.

  4. Overall its been good. Some bad but then you always expect there to be some bad

  5. As a healer I tried to do one, it still took a few minutes to find a tank. :x

  6. I find I am instant as a Tank and then like 10minutes or more when I queue as DPS. Anyone else have this problem?