Monday, December 14, 2009

Is This Guy Serious

So I did have a topic today which I guess I will save because we I got home I had the following email.

I do not normally email people let alone people who think they are better than everyone, but you just really piss me off. You put things in trade chat like you are the greatest thing ever in WOW. Let me tell you something no one gives a crap that you know pi to like 1000000000000000 places. Then you have these followers that hang on everything you say like it comes from the bible. Honestly get a life. Do you have nothing better to do than brainwash people? No one gives a crap that you do things for all these idiots either. I tried to get something out of the auction house in Ironforge yesterday and some how I was PvP. I got killed on my level 1 bank toon. I check my log and it was you that killed me. Do you think you are great because you can kill a level 1? Give me a break. I also think it's hilarious I come to see your blog to see what the big deal is with "the mighty Gauss" and find it to be a load of crap. How do people read this? They all should be shot. You really think people give a damn what you think or say? The answer is no buddy. Do everyone a service and just quit while you are ahead. I even doubt you are even nearly as good as a player everyone says. Do you even do anything but spam trade and kill level 1s? lol I thought not. You wish you could have the gear my alts have. Congrats on being a scrub with a following of obvious idiots.

The Llane Server

So I get hate mail a lot. Mostly telling me my insults just went a little too far. As an example "Food buffs are only for African Children", "Do we really need to elect a brown orc?" and "Nagas belong in slave pens" were some things that didn't go over well with everyone. Hey, I understand people take me too seriously sometimes, but this wasn't one of those times. First off he obviously has no clue, and if he represents the Llane server he would know I lead Three Score. Also I think it is funny someone who is pvp complaining he was getting killed. I should have camped him... He also insulted you my readers, apparently I have brainwashed you all. The things I could have done if I knew this before...Not to mention he comes on my blog in order to send me this email since there would be no other way to get my email. Why didn't he send it in game? Because he really wanted to feel like he was part of the Nation. My thoughts are he probably lives with someone who could careless about him(probably his mother), he thinks he is awesome when he is obviously fail(plays a ret pally), and he probably got insulted by something I wrote which triggered some bad childhood memory(he read the fail at dps post). So I challenge this guy to actually step up to the plate and give me at least his toons name. I know what you are thinking, he will never do it. But that is where all of you come in. I do have his email, and since he insulted all of you I think it would be wrong to not give you all his email. So lets give him his 15 minutes of fame if he really wants it. Click here to send him the happy thoughts.

On another note send along your stories for the cross server pugs I am already enjoying what I am hearing. Till tomorrow!


  1. Email is being written right after I typed this. For someone who knows everything he really knows nothing.


  2. Some people prove that being inbred is a problem.


  3. So I don't wrtie comments often at all but this bugs me, especially since this guy has absolutely no clue.

  4. I'll have fun with this email >=D

  5. That person was probably some x guildie female whiner. It is so obvious HEY EYRIA go QQ some more.

  6. Lmao, really if you don't want to pvp get the hell off a pvp server. Some people have worse lives than I do. If this is what you are going to QQ about. Stop living in your mothers basement get a life moron. It is only pixels, and if you get bent because someone killed your pixels it's time to find a new hobby.

    Sorry, my two cents worth.

    For the Alliance