Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Pi Guy

Well, yesterday was the day the interview went up at If you are interested in taking a look at it click here. Let's just say a lot has happened in these past 20 hours. My blog had 5x its previous high for hits. If I thought I got a lot of tells in game before yesterday proved me wrong. Everyone wanted a piece of me it seemed. If I missed your tell I apologize I tried to answer everyone, but I may have missed some. The emails, I am still getting through and I'm thankful I'm currently on vacation or I wouldn't have close to the time needed to get through them all. I promise I will answer everyone who sends something it just may take some time to catch up.

When I was first approached for the article I really had no idea why I seemed so interesting to Lisa. She told me "the story is just a great story". Apparently she was right and I was wrong. Even if I don't understand it entirely I am glad everyone has found it so interesting. I have been told I should probably try and go over what I wrote before posting it. I cannot promise my English or grammar will always be perfect, but I will try. I am a mathie after all.

I got many tells and emails about joining my guild. We are always looking for great players. You will see a link on the sidebar to Three Score's website. Please fill out the application there and myself and my officers will go through them.

Now I thought this was a joke when first asked, but then I got many more emails and tells about it. No I do not have "Gauss Nation" clothing and I am not really planning on it. I am pretty sure that would be going a little too far.

In regards to the songs. I have no plans to release a CD, mostly because nails on a chalkboard sound much better than me singing, or at least so I have been told. If someone wants to use them I have no problem with it. I made them all in good fun anyway.

If you have a Math question I would be glad to help you out with it. Just try not to expect an answer quickly if I am raiding or generally busy in game. I am not ignoring you I am probably trying to make sure I don't die or wipe the group/raid.

I think that takes care of all the general questions I was asked. To all my new readers I hope you stick around. I try to entertain and have fun at the same time, just don't take me too seriously. The plan for Friday is still the same. Send me your "Noob of the Year" submissions with their stories by Thursday night.

Lastly, thank you all for your support. It has been a blast and I hope to keep this train going. If for no other reason but for PI!


  1. Like what you have going here. I will make sure to point my guildies in your direction I thought the article was great and after going through everything on here it was well deserved.

  2. Great stuff we always knew you were awesome!


  3. PrincessisinanothercastleDecember 30, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    I am glad you are going to take the time to respond to everyone. Some people would just blow everyone off and no one would think anything of it. Congrats, it is great that someone who does so much gets the recognition they deserve.

  4. I'll be reding to see what crazy thing you will do next.

  5. Yes you finally join Gimmlette in the douche of the month club.

    Just sayin.


  6. who is this guy. He seems to bad mouth you everyday but yet he reads the post everyday. Funny imo

  7. Grats there G-Man Finally a proper player and guild to Rep our Server!!!

  8. /salute Gauss.

    Loved the comment about why circles have sides.

    While there have been times I have cringed at the spelling or grammar, this is YOUR blog. This is YOUR voice. You are a "mathie" and I do not expect all your "i's" dotted or your "t's" crossed or none of your infinitives split. I will read your comments in whatever style you happen to feel like writing.

    Enjoy your pie! You've earned it.