Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Veil Is Here

So I have always been a big fan of the holidays Blizzard puts out, but Winter Veil has a special place for me. Why is this you say? Well Winter Veil was the first holiday Blizzard ever had. I won't forget the day I logged on and saw all the pretty lights on the buildings in Orgrimmar. Of course much has changed, but then many things have been around from the beginning. I have done the quest with the Winter Veil text every year. I have also read it every year while flying to Thunder Bluff from Orgrimmar. Snowballs have also been around since the beginning as with the gnome machine. Although you can no longer knock people over with them or prevent people from logging out, or interrupt casts. When my kodo became a reindeer that first time I could help but chuckle. Now there are a few mounts that are similar to the reindeer so it isn't nearly as funny as it once was, but us old school people remember! Also killing the Grinch was just as bothersome back then except at least back then you could bound people with snowballs and trip them up running towards him.

So yes I may be a few days late, but I had other posts to get through! So I expect to be pelted with snowballs endless throughout this holiday as is always the case. Always with the snowball love. I also expect to endlessly tell people to stop through snowballs during raids and them causing pointless distractions. In addition I will insist on Christmas gnome For the Horde raids! After all we have to pelt some specific alliance leaders for an achievement this year. So enjoy Winter Veil everyone I know I always do.

Before I end this post, tonight is the last chance to get your cross server pug stories in to me for tomorrow's post. There are some really funny ones I know you will all get a kick out of. Since this is a Winter Veil post here is Cranius Winter Veil song and video. If you have never seen it you are in for a treat.


  1. Great post Gauss and I can say I have never heard that song, but its awesome.


  2. Merrymaker Gauss.

    I thought of that when I changed my title last night.

    More like "Mischief Maker" but only on Fridays and Sundays.

    And I honestly don't know the answer to this question...Do the 'gnome machines' we have outside our capital cities turn the horde into gnomes, too, or do you get turned into something else? I would pay gold to defend IF against a pack of hellbent on destruction gnomes.


  3. I was wailing on you with snowballs yesterday only to find you were afk. It made me sad, but there is always today!

  4. So Gnome For The Horde today then? I need that achievement