Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gaussie Going to be Featured on

Yes it is true. First all I have to thank Flappy for getting this all kicked off to begin with. Also all of you supporting me and my interesting sense of humor and ranting. So I thank you all for that. One thing they want from me though which some of you may be able to help with me with. They are looking for screens of me in action. So bring send me anything you have, which you would like to contribute. Screenshots, chat logs, or something of the exploits you have been apart of with myself. You all are the reason for this so I thought giving you a chance to contribute to this was extremely important.

I will also throw up everything from the interview up here after it is all wrapped up. Let you all be the judge. I always appreciate feedback. Even if it is some ret pally on a mission to try to prove he is not a complete and utter failure!

Also I will be taking random screenshot over the next week to submit with what I already have and what you all send me. So if you want to be in them. Come to all things Gauss, be it a For The Horde, a snowball fight, a boss kite, or just some thing I decided to do randomly. Come be a part of it.

Lastly I know this isn't a normal post for me. Since, when am I serious when not trying to be funny at the same time? So I'll give you all something for the end. Working on a couple Christmas songs/stories, and I will give you all a taste.

Jingle Bells
Undead Smells
Tauren milk themselves
Trolls are noobs
Orcs have boobs
and the Blood Elves are so gay, hey!

Weekend events will be held as normal. You should all know the deal by now. If you are new here then..umm...well. I am sure you will find out soon enough. Oh by the way I hate Nexus, just wanted to get that out there.


  1. Awesome man, that's great.


  2. Congrats sir


  3. That is frackin' awesome! My peeps at Spectacular Death are very happy for you. It couldn't have happened to a nice (no) (no) Ah lightbulb moment) BIGGER tauren than yourself.

    Having had the glare of's lightbulb shown on us, you'll get a lot of inquiries for membership and most will be douchbags. I know you'll deal with them with your usual aplomb. I cannot wait to read the stories. ("And then he actually said to me,'But I'm an awesome ret pally.'")

    I'd like to know what realm has had two member/guilds profiled in WOW? Huh? Huh? Just as I thought, NONE. Yeah, Llane may not be the hotbed of WOW servers but we have the best people.

    Let's get our guilds together and pose for a photo in Booty Bay. The caption will read, "Three Score and Spectacular Death who have been featured in's '15 Minutes of Fame', pose in Booty Bay right before Gauss shoves Gimmlette into the bay."

    Gratz man. You do deserve it. No. Really. I'm saying that with a straight face.


  4. This is awesome. Congrats to you Gauss, make Llane proud.

  5. This is really great couldn't think of someone more deserving of it.

  6. yes please do, then you can join Spectacular Douches is the best Sh!t guild club.

    Just sayin. lawl!!