Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tyrande We WIll Be Back

So here I was finishing up my random heroic and trying to find something interesting to do. My Warcraft I have a dream speech just wasn't flowing out how I wanted to, although we made some progress. Anyways, we decide to attempt to kite an alliance leader again. What we knew was Magni and Varian couldn't be. Silly Blizzard wanted to ruin the fun in that regard. So what to do then? Tyrande! It was just going to be a few of us. Sadly though when I brought here out of the temple and tried to run her through the portal she reset. Guards can come through the portal but the Priestess cannot. No worries we went to Plan B. What was Plan B you ask? Well we were going to take her down the world tree one branch or ledge at a time. I know what you're thinking, I'm mad. To answer that, you didn't know this already?

To point out first she doesn't have a leash, probably because Blizzard thinks no sane person would try to bring her down the world tree. They need to be introduced to me. First we had to solve the stopping and starfall problem. This was easy we burned her entire mana pool. We then found the spot we wanted and started falling with the leviates. We made it to the first branch and didn't overshoot it or die. Well two of us that is, Myself and Vinletsu. So I had a healer and some to levitate. The next step didn't go so well, Vin chose himself or me and I died faceplanting into the next branch. If only the rest of our group didn't miss! To Vin's credit healing, levitating and paying attention to where you are falling is rather difficult doing solo.

We tried again going down by the waterfall. This time the whole group made it. Although some died but we were able to rez. We got about half way down the tree. Have a look.
Thank Zyto for the good Screen. Some how we got under a branch here. Probably a glitch but the ledge here made things simple. Funny story here was Vinletsu, Zyto, and Droodle ended up falling and Canthony had to heal me and keep me alive while they made their way back. Canthony is a Shadow Priest. He kept me alive though so all was well. The problem we had from here although we could get down this far pretty easy we didn't see where to go from here. In the other spot there was plenty of branches. Here there was just a pretty waterfall. We tried going down scaling the wall and it was working until she got the mana back to starfall and we just got to far away and she reset. We discovered how easy it was to get half way on this side the last part would be near impossible.
So we will be back another day and take here down the other side. Thrall's Christmas gift of Tyrande will just have to wait a few days. So since we came all this way we decided to have some fun. Off the tree we went all 6 of us.

Here is Zyto's look at me Levitating off

So there you have it. We will be back and we will get it done. Maybe some of you will like to come along?

Again tonight is your last day to get snowball submissions. That post will be going up one day early since I have something special for Christmas Day. I also just finished my interview with and it might be up as soon as Tuesday. I will be sure to keep you all posted.


  1. What you didn't say was how did Tyrannde do? How did you keep her coming after you? Were guards shooting arrows at you as you attempted this?

    You know I'm coming.

    248 snowballs and counting.

    I might even wear my "festive green dress" for this occasion.


  2. ROFLMAO....."did do".

    Sorry. Not enough chocolate or Dr. Pepper yet today.

    Eye can speeks da languidge, reely.


  3. heh Pathetic. One looser finds humor in another. typical spectacular Douche style.

    Just sayin


  4. I so want to be on this kite or there when she arrives, So awesome.