Saturday, December 12, 2009

Three Score's Carry Me For Gear ToC

So yesterday I had this idea. Since well Herb prices are really out of whack on the server and since I really didn't want to raise the 100g a week for guild raiders, I had a plan. So the plan was simple take some pugs charge them to get and charge per drop. These people could for all I care dance in a corner because we all know ToC 25 on regular mode is serious stuff. So we ended up taking like 8 pugs which was a quick 4000g right there with no drops because of the 500g fee to come in. Surprisingly like everyone got on vent. I can only assume it was because they wanted to hear me bitch and complain. So lets go over how each encounter went.

Northern Beasts

How fun it was to see pugs run as far as they could from people when they got a snobold. Not to mention using those fires to get haste buffs. Clueless people are also awesome at standing in poison and running away from people who they need to be beside to remove toxin. Funny thing is we got the worm achievement for the bunch of tards. How could I forget Icehowl. I brought a guild hunter for a reason, because I knew someone was going to get hit. What I didn't expect was someone when targeted run straight at the boss like a dumbass. Three Score kicks ass anyway and we move on.

Lord Jaraxus

Lets just say people fail at legion flames. I honestly though it was a little funny how people were spelling their names or at least it appeared in the way they ran about like a clueless idiot. He died we dished out the loot.

Faction Champs

This was so amusing because it seemed to last forever. Two of the guildies on the run disconnected so we were basically running with 15 real people. This took forever and at least the people in PvP gear could think they were actually worth something. Sadly a weapon didn't drop as it would have been great for the guild bankroll. To Twins!


People didn't get colours, people ran into the wrong coloured balls, and people somehow messed up at standing in one place. Like we all know ToC 25 is a joke and this went down without a problem. No trinket though so no big guild payday.


This actually went really well mainly because no idiot ever got chased and therefore they were never involved in the mechanics of the fight. Although the pugs phase 3 felt the need to heal people even after I said stand there and do nothing, just try to look pretty. All ended well a weapon dropped and it was and easy 5000g for the guild bank not to mention the other items. It worked out great and will probably do the same thing next Friday.

Here are the prices for next week

Entrance: 500g/10 Frost Lotus/25 Stacks of Adder's Tongue
Patterns: 250g/5 Frost Lotus/10 Stacks of Adder's Tongue
Crusader Orbs: 100g/ 2 Frost Lotus/5 Stacks of Adder's Tongue
Armor: 1000g/20 Frost Lotus/50 Stacks of Adder's Tongue
Trinkets: 3000g/60 Frost Lotus/150 Stacks of Adder's Tongue/2 Primal Saronite
Weapons: 5000g/100 Frost Lotus/250 Stacks of Adder's Tongue/3 primal Saronite


  1. Wow, nice guys. too bad i couldn't be there to /weep and /teepee /dance /wigwam

  2. I would so pay to do that

  3. People honestly will pay for that??

  4. I would for sure come on my alt. I know I have gold I don't know what to use it on.

  5. Does anyone even have that much Adder's Tongue or is that a joke?


  6. I am pretty sure hes serious

  7. everyone needs herbs now since more and more flasks for ICC

  8. Wait, I am supposed to donate 100g a week to raid?! O.O LOLNEWB GUILDIES!!