Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You Fail at Tanking If...

It's Tuesday! If you don't know what that means you obviously are new around here, which lately there seems to be new people everyday. The Gauss Nation is growing at a rapid pace. Tuesday's posts always have to do with ways people fail. Each week I pick something to focus on. This is where you laugh, cry, and point at the people that do these things. Enjoy!

You Fail at Tanking If...
  • Your only form of maintaining aggro is to use your taunt button
  • You can only pull packs of mobs every 3 minutes
  • You think it is bad to use frost pressence because it lowers your DPS
  • Your healers have more hit than you
  • The DPS in your group have more HP than you
  • You charge in without changing out of your DPS spec
  • Your tanking style is like watching a Coyote and roadrunner cartoon
  • You have defence gems in your gear
  • Your weapon skill is higher than your defence skill
  • You have a berzerking enchant
  • You're a Priest
  • You think there is a two handed tanking spec as a warrior
  • People pull aggro by auto attacking
  • You enjoy taking it from behind
  • You confuse "stack on top of one another" with "be on oppostie sides of the room"
  • You are a pally who cannot hold aggro

and of course

  • You let Gauss DPS in your 5 man heroic

Tomorrow night is the last day to get your snowball targets in for Thursday's post. Yes remember it is Thursday this week and not Friday. That whole Christmas thing messes with timing. As a reminder to everyone since I have had a lot of questions lately. To email me, send Screenshots, and all that jazz click on my profile to the Right(---->) and click on the email button. Have a good one.


  1. "•Your tanking style is like watching a Coyote and roadrunner cartoon"

    LOL ok that was awesome and yet so true


  2. why in the hell would a tanking have zerking?