Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Have This Snowball Just For You

So this weeks reader's contribution was pretty simple. If you had only one snowball, who would you throw it at and why? Some of the submissions were pretty funny. Some were funny, but there is no way I would included them. I got many of the same so the way I am going to do this was take the most popular ones and blend your reasons all together. So here goes the top 10 snowball targets are.

10)Hells___: Everyone on Llane knows this guy from trade chat with his random comments which most of the time make little sense. Other times they make you laugh. It was said someone wanted to throw one so hard at him just to see what he would pull out of his ass next.

9)King Varian: Is there anyone in WoW whose face you want to hit as much as this guy? He always looks so smug like he is the greatest gift to everyone. Always picking fights with everyone it is about time people let him have it.

8)Brann Bronzebeard: The NPC that wants you to do all the work for you. For the explorer type he knows little about where to find things. He is to busy drooling over the things he is looking at you could blindside him and knock him out cold. I would indeed in Brann's words "Relish that moment".

7)Polar Bear Girl: So instead of giving you a mount this NPC sometimes gives you snowballs. Just the frustration of having to do that dicipline daily another day is enough to drive someone mad. Honestly if it was up to me she would be number one. I am not gonna lie she has felt my wrath many times, but it seems my point has not gotten across.

6)Saurfang: I am not sure who all has done the Deathbringer Saurfang encounter in Icecrown Citadel yet. I am guessing if more people would have he would be much higher on the list. Every attempt you have the witness the event. Just like with Illidan it is cool the first couple times, but by the 10th you would really prefer to drill a hole in your head. So take that Saurfang and let the pelting begin.

5)Arthas: Always saying he can kill me with one snap of his finger. Always threatening and never providing proof. He is like an infomerical with one of those fake audiences. Until you can prove it my snowball is coming right to your face.

4)Wilfred Fizzlebang: Can you walk any slower? Like honestly? At least when he gets one shot by Lord Jaraxxus it is somewhat satisfying. Maybe its just because hes a gnome, but who cares. WTB snowball machine inside ToC. I really don't think anyone would have a problem assisting on this target.

3)Garrosh: Our favourite brown orc. What is people's problem with minorities. Just think of the things this guy would do if he was being pelted with snowballs. He went crazy when someone called him a dog. He would probably declare war on any place where snow exists. Oh Garrosh, how you are such an easy target.

2)Tiron Fordring: The king of the Ret Pallys anyway. The leader of the band of complainers. The guy who can't stop talking positive all the time. Maybe if someone pelted him it might knock some sense into him. We can dream can't we?

1)Gauss: Let's just say I was a little surprised. You all love me this much, eh? I know there hasn't been a day when I haven't been hit by at least 20 snowballs, but I get you all back. So bring it and I will be ready to fire back.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Winter Veil


  1. I got plenty ready just for you Gauss.


  2. Merry Christmas, Gauss. May all the packages contain exactly what you think they are.

    And, 260, at last count. I am sooooo waiting for the weekend.


  3. I think I hit you with about 20 a day at your mailbox

  4. Me thinks Gimm likes to fvck the furries. she is doing soo much D!ck sucking on Gauss its pathetic.

    Just sayin.