Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Troll Named Wally

So I do my random instance everyday for my frost badges with a random pug mostly because I find it amusing. The special people from other servers never cease to amaze me. Yesterday was different, because the people in the group were extra special. First off it has come to my attention that people from Burning Blade and Eonar are the most special. I had come to this conclusion even before this instance, but they just enforced the point.

To set the scene. I queued as DPS mostly because I didn't feel like paying much attention. Doing this i can also ramble on, and still poke fun at the others and still show them how it is really done. Going in as DPS though I must admit like 90% of the time I end up tanking. Anyways, I am getting off topic. So I got Old Kingdom. The reason I hate getting OK is because some idiot always wants to clear the whole place because they need more badges. For those people you get in groups I will give you something you can explain to people with Bagellord intellect.

1)Clearing a wrath Instance in a pug = 20min (this is doing the minimum of the instance)
2)3-4 bosses give 3-4 badges
3) OK has 3 bosses you need to do. It takes like the 20min in the pug
4)The extra 2 bosses take 10-15min from this you will get 2 badges
5)When you queue for a random heroic you get a bonus 2 badges

Option 1
Do the minimum in OK get 3 badges and re queue for a new instance finish it in 20min and get a minimum of 3(OK) + 3(new instance) + 2(bonus) = 8 badges

Option 2
Do the max in OK(minimum 40 minutes) the re queue for a new instance. In the same time as above you earn OK(5) + 2(new instance) = 7 badges. This is also the max you could earn in the time frame. You may not even get through 2 bosses in the new instance.

Please pass this around to the idiots who think they get more badges in less time by clearing the entire instance.

So back to my story. I get in there and say we are doing the minimum. The tank, healer, DPS(Wally) said they needed badges and want to do the entire instance. The shaman didn't care. I explained to them their logic was flawed, and they obviously were that special kind of stupid for not believing me. The tank then started going on about how great of a tank he was and that because he was the tank in this instance he was going to decide what would be cleared. I told him I would be glad to put that comment to the test if he didn't do the minimum. I even gave him the option to clear the minimum then re queue afterwards if he wanted to waste his time. He just kept saying I don't make the decision and I could leave if I wanted to. I wasn't getting the debuff, but I also wasn't letting this piece of crap get his way. He pull the second trash pack, and I pulled the 3rd,4th, and 5th. This awesome tank couldn't get aggro and we wiped. My comment "I thought you were awesome?" didn't go over very well.

He started going crazy emo saying he knew I pulled those packs. He went on bitching and complaining when eventually he left, and so did his healer buddy. The shaman was kinda pissed I wiped us, and Wally the mage was too busy crying. Of course I had to switch to Tank, brought in Vinletsu because Vin of all people would find this amusing. The shaman kept crying and Vin kicked him. Bring on the Truck(NJ) and we were in business. Queued for the other and of course we get a ret pally. How much better could this get?

Wally was still crying that he wasn't going to do the entire instance. He was so busy sulking that he was not even in the instance while we 4 manned it and he didn't get ANY of the badges he was crying that he needed. Great logic on this tard. While I was tanking I looked him up on armory to find out he was a socket humping idiot with 100% of his gear from heroics, Naxx, or badge gear. I very much enjoyed the hit rating gem when he had almost 400 hit. Wally from Eonar check him out if you need a laugh. We were all making fun of him in the group for sitting outside the instance crying about not being able to do the whole instance. He kept saying we were going to wipe. When I told him I was going to make him famous by doing a piece on him tomorrow he laughed. The best was when the ret pally started on him. When you get made fun of by a ret pally you know you are lower than low.

We finished the instance without a problem doing the minimum just like I said would happen. Wally missed out on all his badges the ones he so desperately wanted, but the most important thing is we got to meet Wally. In his honor I have come up with an achievement.

Where's Wally: Cry for an entire instance when you don't get your way, refuse to leave and think you are awesome for wasting your time when you could have been doing the very thing you were complaining about.Congrats Wally, I will be sure as I am sure many of the Gauss Nation will be sure to visit you.

All this week I will be doing posts which some up the year. For the reader post this week which will be back on Friday this week. I am looking for your Noob of the year. Submit a name, submit a story, anything will work. You have until Thursday night.


  1. What an idiot


  2. Who names a toon wally anyway? That is as bad as naming it Dave or Phil

  3. Wally is win...


  4. lol You sure wally wasn't Gimmlette on one of her horde alts? That sounds like what that whiney b!tch would do.

    Just sayin


  5. So you basically went emo and wiped your party, then continued to make fun of ppl in your group because they wanted to kill every boss in a heroic? "Hey guys! I don't like that you want to actually kill all the bosses in this heroic so I'm gonna be a huge jerk and run around pulling additional packs and try to wipe you then post about it on my blog to boost my ego..." I just lost a bit of respect for you there Gauss.

  6. Basically I explained to them how their logic was flawed. The guy basically said to my face I had no say and was a complete ass about it. He went on and on about how great he was. So ya I pulled a couple extra packs to see if he was as awesome as he was claiming. Did I think it would wipe us? Of course I did. The guy had less gear than an 80 who just dinged. The point of this was the mage wally crying in the group not in the instance and refusing to leave. All the while it was his precious badges he wanted and he wasn't in the instance for.

    My Opinion is if people want to do optional bosses everyone in the group has to be on board for it. If not you clear the main content the people leave and you can replace them if you wish. It is the samething as asking someone to do an achievement when they don't want to.

    This wasn't meant to be an ego boost the purpose was to show you how some people argue and cry about things and then end up doing the total opposite of what they wanted and needed in the first place. It just makes no sense.

  7. Personally, I don't think their logic was flawed at all. With the time I sit in queue as a pure DPS class, I want to make every badge count. I know that as soon as I finish my run, I may have to spend 15-30 minutes in Q before I can get into another.

  8. Once you decide you are requeuing the logic that you are doing the run for badges is flawed. Because the time for the queue is the same regardless if you did all the bosses in the previous instance or not. Your badges per instance is increased the less bosses you do. Maybe it is just me, but I am only waiting 3minutes tops when just dps. Of course its instant as a tank.

    People just need to sit down and think about the big picture besides focusing on the fact killing the boss gives me a badge. Clearing quicker means queuing quicker which means getting into the next quicker which leads to the bonus quicker.