Monday, December 21, 2009


I have been running For The Horde groups for months now. These groups as most of you know are just thrown together through trade in my attempt to get every horde on the server a Black War Bear. Now of course this has spawned people coming on extremely low levels, every alt they have, and of course people who want to just come for kicks. The one thing that has been lacking is the attempt to stop me. I was beginning to think that the alliance was letting me go in and do my thing. I have even tried to stir up trouble. Killing the auctioneers, the NPCs, and even kiting the Gnome King to The Undercity. The alliance must have known I was coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. How could they not? I am not saying there was never any defence, because there has been. These small groups of resistance were nothing. I have been wanting for them to throw an army at me.

Saturday it started. Gimmlette our good friend from Spectacular Death had got some people to Ironforge. It was a smaller force and was a little late. They didn't pull off the wipe, but they downed me not too long after the king had fallen. That was just the beginning. Yesterday, Gimm had messaged me while I was setting up the raid, "see you in Ironforge" was the plan. I saw here on the docks in Auberdine and thought nothing of it. That was my mistake. Darnasuss and Exodar went off like a hitch, Stormwind though was another story. I ran into that keep like it was any other day. Let's just say I had never seen so many alliance in the keep at one time. I was not prepared, as Illidan would say. I was taken and made to kiss the floor without a kill. The game was on as I saw it. I was expecting the defence to be in Ironforge and not Stormwind. Therefore I had not prepared the group for anything other than 20 defenders.

We were moving to Ironforge and we would be ready. I would not fail twice in one day, it wouldn't happen. From Badlands we rode. Stormed through the gates. Of course running through the front gates isn't the most stealth thing to do and we were discovered quickly. We ended up having 5 waves of alliance all controlled and killed perfectly. Sure it was the slowest boss burn I have ever had, but they came to defend their king. How I have waited for this kind of fight. King went down, and looking at the doors and I knew we were done for. What to do at a time like this? Charge the bastards screaming Pi. If I am going down I am taking some with me.

So thanks Gimm for getting people to put up a fight. It makes the runs so much more excited. Getting 200+ kills in Ironforge taking down the king is the way it should be. Nothing should be easy, and I won't make the mistake of not being ready again.

Another reminder to send me your snowball targets. You only have till Wednesday night because of Christmas. Happy Winter Veil!


  1. Damn wish I could have been there


  2. It was nuts we pushed them back again and again. Gauss really knows how to get it done.

  3. When we were in Ironforge I was feared into "Old" Ironforge. Have pics I want to put here but don't know where to post them for you guys. I'll keep tabs of the page so i can find out how to do it.

  4. Just Email it to him if its good I am sure he will put it up. Speaking of Old Ironforge, you get in there through this glitch in the wall. I have been there before pretty cool looking.

  5. That was alot of fun in Stormwind and in IF. Love being a mage and freezing a paladin. :)


  6. Gauss, sweetie, honestly, I entertained the idea of putting up a minor defense in Exodar. No one EVER, EVER goes there to defend what's his name. For kicks and giggle, I and 4 of my guildies were going to be at the bottom of the ramp just so you'd all slam on your brakes for a split second while saying, "WTF?" Then we were going to die, spectacularly of course, rez and haul arses to IF where you were going to meet the biggest number of Alliance ever and you weren't going to even get in the front door.

    Well, while I stood on the dock and watched (I soooo wanted to be in the raid to hear you yelling at the idiots who jumped off the docks or jumped and missed the boat. I mean, just how dumb are some of you?), we were frantically deciding what to do. I realized I could only muster myself and a priest to Exodar in time. My priest said, "They are expecting you to be in Ironforge. Let's shut them down in Stormwind. They will never be expecting that." Honest to gosh lightbulb moment.

    We picked up the people who were riding the boat with you guys and giving us play-by-play as you headed toward SW. I searched for every single person on my friends list who happened to be on. "Get to SW NOW. Don't ask why. Just do it." The members of my guild kept trying to get people to pull back into the side rooms so the only person you would see when you ran in was me and Huck. But trying to get people to do that is like herding feathers in a hurricane.

    I can honestly say I have not had that much fun in a couple months. You guys never got anywhere close to Wrynn. He never moved. My defense "raid" had exactly 25 people in it. But many came and didn't join the raid so I'm not sure of the number of Alliance there. People don't really like Wrynn so pleas to defend him kind of fell on deaf ears at first. And I'm just going to say it. I think horde is better at PvP than Alliance is. But when the last horde died, we were pumped.

    At first, we thought you'd be back. You have done that, come charging in the front door of Stormwind. But our trackers put the group in Loch Modan and we knew the destination. It was not that hard to get people to come defend in IF, but there were too many low levels for us effectively stop you. Plus, Magnus is righthere. Your strategy is brilliant. Pull him into the center of the room and surround him. We couldn't find him to heal. I even jumped up on the dais to see and I couldn't. It was all red bars. Promptly died, too.

    I had people with me who had never defended before. They said they never knew PvP could be such fun. Yes, it's fun to plow through the enemy city, kill the leader, get your bear. But when there is opposition, it's that much more fun.

    /salute Gauss. I happily go hoof to boot with you.


    P.S. I am going to refer guild members here. The 4 who were in the raid were expecting a Llane forum comment. This is better. Sorry I don't have screenies. I'll remember next time.

  7. I know that I was hit by at least 50+ people. I was completely owned to say the least. I appreciated the effort, we are supposed to be at war afterall. I look forward to having to organize the group and it not being a free bear every time. I may even have to reduce my non 80s to less than 15. It is always better to earn the kill anyway.

    Also ty for the Cake although it is not Pi it will do. Merry Christmas to you and your guildies if we don't meet at arms before then.

  8. Unless you plan to be by BWL or Naxx over the next 3 days, our paths may not cross. Since the patch, my fps in Lagaran has gone from 45-78 fps to 3-35 fps. "Meet me in Dalaran by the fountain," receives the reply, "In which century?" Therefore, I don't go there.

    We are, however, contemplating a Wrath of the Alliance run. We also know that we can remove Cairne from his front door with only a dozen guild members. It all depends upon who shows up online and what kind of mischief we wish to engage in.

    I picked the mageroyal and mixed the batter myself for your cake. And, before anyone asks, yes, there was the required amount of port in the recipe. I'm a dwarf. I don't drink that stuff. BEER! And lots of it! (Actually, ice cold Dr. Pepper is my preferred raiding beverage but there isn't any of that to be found in Kharanos.)

    I'm sure our paths will cross this weekend. In fact, I'm planning on it.