Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Noob Moments of the Year

So it's New Year's Eve and I am getting ready to head out. Play some poker, watch some hockey, and have too much to drink. Of course though I couldn't not post today, especially with all the new people coming here looking for something to read. So, I thought since tomorrow is the list of every one's submissions for noob of the year, I decided today I will list the moments of the year for me where I was pretty damn noob.
  • In Three Score we have this tradition in Ulduar on Mimiron. When approaching the boss everyone has to walk backwards through the bombs. By walk I mean actually walk so you must toggle it on. The other tradition is to teabag whomever dies from the bombs. Why? Because someone might have actually missed that you died. Anyways, someone died and I cannot even remember who, but it was in the middle of the road. I went out to practice traditions and didn't see the incoming bombs while I was teabaggin. Gauss down.
  • As raid leader you always have to make sure everyone is prepared for each and every pull you do. This also includes yourself. I was tanking a 10 man ToC when I forgot to change my spec. Surprisingly we were able to kill the beasts with my bars all wrong and me spec'd as full DPS arms. But they will never let me live it down regardless.
  • The magic carpet used to be a vehicle, which was fine. The problem was I would always log off up in the air on it. When the game loads in you are not placed in a vehicle if you logged out in one. I would always fall to my death..
  • I was running Gundrak with 4 guildies and helping them get the less-rabi achievement. I was tanking and said I had the first interrupt no problem at all. That was I said it. When we pulled the entire 2 second cast went through without me interrupting it. It was pretty fail and I deserve to be made fun of for it.
  • This winter veil I had a guildie send me about 100 gifts in the mail with the tag "One of these contains an epic" I opened them all only to find level 3 axes or polished stones. I hate you Nj
  • When ToC came out right from the get go I started farming for Banner of Victory. You know the ArP trinket. Well I must have did ToC regular about 150 times before I finally got it to drop. I was running that place so many times trying to get it to drop I got in the groove of sharding everything that dropped. I sharded the trinket...
  • Doing Zul'frak to help some guildies level alts up I decided to pull the entire instance. It was going pretty well until I got chain knocked down and ended up wiping us. Not to mention other times during the same runs I got Hexed. When this happened the mass of trolls ran and killed everyone while ended up living. Funny but unproductive since it meant I had to do the instance again.
  • In Three Score we use a Loot Council. I can say we work hard at it and have discussions on every drop. This past week in Icecrown Citadel doing loot from the Gunship we talked about this ring for a good 10 minutes. It was narrowed down to two people. We decided and were all in agreement except I ended up looting it to the other person. Nothing like asking someone to give the ring they wanted to someone else. Sorry Rastaz.
  • All I have to say is plug in my laptop. You don't know how many times I forget to do this. It is so bad that everyone on vent asks me if its plugged in before each and every raid.
  • I was showing off my RP set in nexus. The one you actually see at the bottom of this page. It was a cross server group and you know if you have ever been in a group with me I like to talk. Probably to the point where you wish you could slap me upside the head. Anyways, I cannot remember how I died, but I ran back. I put on the RP set and starting running towards the group. Let's just say I have like 6k HP if I am lucky. The flowers of power had their way with me. Yes the flowers that you can 1 shot killed me.

So there is my New Years gift to everyone. Things to laugh at Gauss for. Reminder you have till tonight to send in your Noob of the Year entries. Happy New Year! Make sure you get home safe and don't do anything stupid.


  1. Wow Gauss you're a dumbass.


  2. Gauss these aren't things to tell people

  3. Gauss all I can say is ROFL


  4. We all do dumb stuff sometimes Gauss. We forgive you.