Monday, December 28, 2009

The Moments of the Year to Remember

So this week I plan on reviewing things that have happened throughout the year. Mostly because its the end of the year and that is what people do. They reflect on what has happened. So today going to refresh people or tell them for the first time about some great events from the past year.

The Blog Started: Well when I started this I never thought people would become as attached to it as they have. When I get emails or tells in game waiting for the next post it is really mind boggling. Also I love the reactions out of people bad or good. I have had people who want to kill me, insult beyond compare, or people who said they couldn't stop laughing. I will keep this going as long as people find it entertaining.

"You look down to dive in water": I will never forget the day I was running people through SSC and this idiot asked for a summon because he didn't know how to dive in water. "you look down to dive in water" is really a saying which has become immortalised. One small step for a noob one giant leap for noobkind.

For The Hordes: So this has been going on for about 5 months. Fri-Sun every weekend and sometimes a bonus one here or there. The quest to get every horde player no matter the level their black war bear. Who can forget the Ultimates with 100+ hordies or the epic run of a level 1. These have basically become a tradition on Llane something I also hope to keep going as long as people will keep coming.

Ulduar Patch Day: Killing FL and being unable to loot, being stuck in the instance and unable to log on, everything in my interface basically broken. In my opinion the worst patch day in the history of WoW and that includes the Sunwell patch. At least the trailer was good...

Gnome King Kite: Whoever thought we could pull this off? Even though the little bastard took frequent breaks to shoot me in the face with his goblin dragon gun he made it to Undercity. He also got owned when he was there by everything including the Dark Lady herself. Tyrande remember we are coming for you.

100,000 Honorable kills: This isn't a big deal achievement, but for me there is a story behind it. When I hit High Warlord I had just over 90,000. Most of those kills were done in WSG through the massive amount of games I had played. This basically made me hate Battlegrounds with a passion for the longest time. Today I still do them minimally just to have a good time with guildies. So it took me over 3 years to get the last 10,000. More than double the time it took me to get the first 90,000. It is now done and I am part of the group of insane people with way too many kills.

RNG and Gaussie Made Peace: The random number generator and myself after 5 years of playing this game have finally made peace. This past year I have gotten weapons, rare mounts, and quest drops with minimal cursing. Of course that doesn't mean I understand him yet. As there as still things the RNG refuses to release into my grasp. Let's hope next year the relationship stays the same or gets better.

Church of Gauss Formed: Yes I have a church. I honestly don't know why exactly but it has been created. So know I have had an Army, Fan Club, Emporium, and now a Church. I wonder and I am scared at what is to come next.

Met Bagellord: I never thought I could met someone in this game that could be as special as Bagellord. All the things he did amazed me, died in a fire, jumped off a boat and died from fatigue, rezed before he hit the ground only to die again. These are just a couple of the countless things our dear friend has done. He has given me a lifetime of material and I guess I should thank him for that. So thank you Bagellord. Well I may be getting ahead of myself, but this could be out as early as tomorrow. If not it won't be till the new year because of their end of year commitments. This is all thanks to you all and your support. So I thank you all for that.


  1. Oh Bagellord how you will never be forgotten


  2. Here is the ultimate, if I hop on the tauren, will you get me, ME, a bear?


  3. Yes will you team up with our resident alliance retard Gimmlette and get her a bear?

    lol Just sayin